“I wanna start a blawg!”


I’ve been saying for over a year now, “I wanna start a blawg!!!” If you say that title out loud to yourself, I’m sure you know I’m from the South and that’s certainly how we say it.  And by we, I mean me, because my husband thinks I sound ridiculous.  Ridiculously awesome.

Here we go, feet first.  I guess I could have gotten a real diary, but where’s the fun in that?  I am admittedly nosy, and I enjoy reading the blogs other people create. Seeing pictures of their day to day and reading details of successful and failed ventures into decorating, baking, working and parenting.  Reading a blog is like being nosy with permission, and maybe learning something by default.  So here I am, giving anyone who wants it, permission to see what goes on with me and my little family.  I’m an obsessed crafter, a thrift store shopper, a culinary novice, a habitual DIYer, and a wannabe fashionista.  I love interior design, hosting parties, socializing, shopping and all the other fun things a girl my age loves…but on a budget.  Do notice this is a free blog, I ain’t no Rockefeller over here!  As you can probably tell though, I’m no English major.  As long as you don’t expect lots of enlightening words and impeccable grammar we should do just fine.

But you can expect:
-Bangin’ recipes every now and then
-Crafts of all kinds.  I scrapbook a lot; I give D a scrapbook every year on our anniversary and I have done that since our first year of dating.  I will spraypaint anything and I’ve got enough cans of spraypaint to convince you that I’m a huffer.  I’m not though.  I thrift shop a lot too, so I love to give things a new purpose in my home.
-Decoration adventures.  Sometimes I help my friends revamp their spaces, and my home is always evolving.
-Ramblings of my professional life.  I try to find ways to be creative at work, when my job might not necessarily require it.
-Guest appearances from my highly talented friends if they’re willing to play along!
-A blog that improves along the way, heaven help.

But why “The Double Life Housewife?  I bet you wish it was something all too revealing and juicy.  Simmer down, because I promise it ain’t!  Here in my home, I am the stereotypical housewife (I think).  I do the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking, and the grocery shopping for example.  I just don’t do it looking like the 50’s housewife with sensible shoes, a bow in my hair and an apron around my waist.  Most days I do it looking a hot mess, with wild hair, no makeup, and an attitude problem after fighting my way around  Wal-Mart trying to save a buck.  For all the things I dream to be as a wife and homemaker, I desire as much success out in the workforce.  I’ve been a nurse since my early 20’s, and I’m incredibly lucky that I got the job of my dreams right out of college.  I work as an Oncology nurse at a local hospital and I take a lot of pride in my job.  And for all the myths and perceptions you may have about that particular line of work, I can’t even begin to explain the reward it gives me.  So that’s it, I’m attempting to balance it all.  And maybe you’re doing the same and we can help each other.  This blog will capture bits and pieces of life along the way, hope its good for ya!


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  1. I just heard everything you just said like you where here beside me. Us chit chatting up at work or dance party FMC. I know that you are one special lady with sassy words and smart attitude. Have to say I really enjoyed listening to you ramble on.

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