Out with the old, in with the new…RECIPE!


I love the holidays, I REALLY do.  And I decorate my house like Santa Claus himself takes up residence here.  I’m always outdone, however, by our neighbors in the cul de sac.  We call them the Griswolds.  They don’t know that, but I feel like they wouldn’t mind, plus we mean it to be a compliment.  We love Christmas Vacation and them.  They are the best kind of neighbors.  They are big sports fans, give us DIY advice, stay out of our business, and offer up gasp-worthy information on our other neighbors from time to time.  Don’t even act like you wouldn’t like that! In comparison to their holiday spread… I’ve got nothing to complain about.  But after all the color scheme planning, the strategic placement of accessories and decorations, and the flood of family and friends in and out of the house for celebrations…this girl is ready to pack that shit up and return to life as normal.  My mother takes the tree down in her house on Christmas night!  We’ve compared her to the Grinch when he packs up a Christmas tree like an umbrella in the classic cartoon.  After all these years I finally understand why she did that, but what a pain.  And now here I am pretending that my Christmas decorations are gonna pack themselves and mosey on up the attic stairs without any effort from me.  This post is nothing more than a diversion attempt because I just don’t want to clean or pack right now.

After the Christmas decorations come down, people start looking to the New Year and declaring their resolutions.  I do that too, but not before I think about the Super Bowl Party.  I believe it should be a holiday too; I know I’ll need a three day weekend to really recover.  I ain’t as young as I once was!  I may not know where I will celebrate or if I will be the host, but there are a couple of things I DO know.  1)  I will not be caught dead in anything other than a Carolina Panthers jersey (even if we haven’t seen Super Bowl action since Janet Jackson’s ill-fated ‘wardrobe malfunction’) and 2)  I will be making Sausage Rolls.

They are so simple, and every single one gets eaten, every time.  Then the next time I have or host a party, I get requests and sometimes, shameless begging, to make them again.  HAHA.  And you know you wanna be the wife or excellent guest that whipped up something so delicious that people fell all over themselves.  Well maybe that doesn’t happen, but people do love them!  I got the recipe from a former coworker.  She was so sweet, and told me this recipe would never fail me.  Word, sounds like a winner.  And just so you know, you can make these ahead of time and reheat in the micro or oven and nobody will know the difference, they make a great appetizer or breakfast dish, you can substitute low-fat and low-cal ingredients without detection, and it only requires three ingredients.  I swear a trained monkey could do this!


You’ll need:

1 pkg Sausage ( I prefer mild, but you choose your favorite)

8 oz softened cream cheese

2 cans of Crescent rolls


Brown sausage and drain excess grease.  Add softened cream cheese to sausage and mix thoroughly.  Open cans of crescent rolls and spread out onto a greased cookie sheet.  Use a pizza cutter and cut each crescent in half, so instead of yielding 16 large rolls you will have 32 bite-sized crescents.  Put a heaping teaspoon full of the sausage mixture into the center of each halved crescent and fold the corners up until you have a “roll.”  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.  Serve warm…and GO PANTHERS!  Let me know how ya love it!?


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  1. Did I give you this recipe? Or did I get it from you? Can’t remember cause I am old enough to be yo mama! Anyway, I make these too and they are a hit. Love the blog by the way.

  2. I LOVE the sausage rolls! I’ll happily admit that I was a shameless begger 🙂 Moving to Jax meant that I HAD to get the recipe and try it out myself and it really is fool proof! Now I’M begged to make them for all of our shindigs! Ha, ya don’t have to twist my arm, I love making them as much as I love eating them!

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