A Shamelessly Fun Bachelorette Weekend? (Part 1)


I know what you’re thinking.  You’ve seen them; I’ve seen them.  The bachelorette parties in progress that are completely gasp-worthy and cringe-inducing.  The wasted bridesmaids can barely keep themselves together much less their celebrated friend.  And I’ve seen a blushing bride-to-be crawl up onto a bucking bull only to be hurled off after some slack-jawed “mechanical bull attendant” bounces her (and sometimes her sloppy friend) to that inflatable floor of doom….but not before making sure she’s gyrated for all of kingdom come and shown her underwear to every male within a 20 mile radius.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if I see it I cannot look away.  I’m frozen in disgust every time.

Conversely, I’ve seen the bachelorette party that looks like a totally random group of girls that wish they had never met but are putting on fake smiles for the bride’s sake.  You know the type, can barely form a sentence if they aren’t talking to someone they already know, checking their watches all the while.

I’m interested in neither of those scenarios.  I’m here to tell you that there is a happy medium; you can have a great time and not have to keep the whole party a secret for fear of ruining your relationship or someone’s opinion of you.  I’m a good time, my friends are a good time, and we always have a good time.   But we’re gonna be classy freaking ladies about it.  So let me tell you how the weekend went.

First off, I achieved one of my resolutions: trying something new once a month.  I drove 8 hrs in a car alone.  My first solitary road trip.  And of course, life is ironic like this, it snowed like all Hell for a good bit of my drive.  So there I was, driving west towards Tennessee in the ONE open lane of I-40 praying I didn’t end up in the ditch like the others.  I felt sure that the good Lord above wouldn’t let my “I am woman, hear me roar” approach be thwarted like that!  So I took this picture to show you how well I did; we weren’t moving so don’t lecture me please.  THAT is I-40 and there are supposed to be 3 lanes, believe it or not.

2013-01-17 15.46.40

That’s legit, right?!

My mama was furious of course.  She called at the absolute worst time but I figured if I didn’t pick up the phone she would think I WAS in a ditch and then the downward spiral would have been started.  But I did make it to Nashville after a couple of weather-related delays and it was on like Donkey Kong!


Enter my best frand, Jessica.  She hosted the weekend.  We had a lot of work to do before the other girls arrived the next day and of course we got in our OWN way every chance we got.  I broke an apothecary jar.  She dropped a bottle of wine.  We forgot half the ingredients to everything about ten times over and had to make multiple trips to Walmart late at night, and so on and so forth.

We promised that we wouldn’t tell the other girls about anything we did wrong.  Pphhhh.  All that really mattered is that Katie couldn’t tell anything is amiss…until we told her.  And of course we did, over lots of laughs late at night lying in bed.  We had a whole weekend ahead of us and we were going to really make the most of it.  Sometimes all you want is to lay around in your pajamas watching movies, eating like pigs, and laughing on a Girls Night In.  And sometimes you wanna pull up those party pants, and stomp around the city streets in your heels with your ladies on a Girls Night Out.  We were gonna do both.

Girls Night In: GO!

Jessica MADE this wreath. She used a grapevine wreath wrapped in sassy garland. I used safety pins to secure the panties to the garland itself and hot glued the champagne flutes together.  Jessica used floral wire to make sure the flutes weren’t going anywhere.  How saucy and appropriate.  Of course we locked the door so Katie couldn’t just barge in from the airport.  We gotta have the “oh my gosh, I can’t believe this” picture.



You know that feeling of anxiety when you throw a party?  That pit in your stomach that accompanies your fear of not having everything ready in time.  Jessica and I felt a lot of that for certain.  At random though she mentioned that it would have been fun to dress the girls up.  The girls being Eliza and Myla, her weenie dogs.  Of course I squealed with delight, it would be perfect and everyone would love it!  A few hours later, we were running behind and she said she was sad we wouldn’t have time to fix the girls up.  And I got quiet because I had been so excited about it and I had determined that it WAS happening.  Jessica could tell my “gears were grinding” because I was trying to figure out how to make time for this.  Don’t worry, we DID find time!





Jessica and I made sweet tea (DUH), lasagna, homemade garlic knots, salad, and cheesecake (recipes to come soon under the recipes tab).  We framed the invitation to the party and used a DIY blackboard platter to congratulate our friend.   We chilled our wine and dressed the table up.  And we ate our meals in courses like fine ladies.  After the long day each of us had, I’m sure we would have preferred a free-for-all meal but there was a hidden agenda behind our attempts at being civilized.



With each course we had a little gift for Katie.  Bamboo Salad hands for our salad course, a chevron-patterned insulated casserole carrier for our Lasagna course, and a springform pan for our dessert course.  All of these gifts were intended to be things you wouldn’t necessarily think to register for but might wish you had in the future.  And let me tell you, Katie’s gonna look a lot better than me carrying her covered dish to a party in that new casserole carrier than I do when I bring my dish in covered in towels.







So we ate and it was delicious, took a couple of group shots and changed into our pajamas (yesssss!).  What other movie would we watch but Bridesmaids.


And, you’re welcome for that.

We did our nails, ate more, and traded bridesmaid horror stories (you know you have them too).  All in all a good first night.  And just so you know, if you spill red wine in the carpet you should blot it up and liberally pour club soda over the wine stain immediately and blot some more.  My gosh I’m such a believer that  I would almost pour red wine in my carpet RIGHT NOW and take photos of how great it works so I could show you here, but let’s not be crazy!

Stay tuned my friends… because Part 2 of the Bachelorette Weekend story is coming shortly.  It’s too much goodness for one measly post!  Happy Sunday Funday!


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  1. Love the weenies’ tutus!
    I’m really enjoying your blog, KW. Reading it actually makes me pine for our nursing school days with the rest of the ‘boes.’
    And I’m happy you made in one piece through the winding mountain, snow-covered roads. Them TN drivers are crazy!

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