A Shamelessly Fun Bachelorette Weekend? (Part 2)


So Saturday morning all the girls woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed…yeah ok, that’s a lie.  We took forever and as D would say “we were dragging more ass than a wagon full of fat kids.”  It is impossible for 6 girls to get anywhere on time and I learned a valuable lesson: When in doubt, forego the reservations.  Ya ain’t gonna make it on time.  We ventured into Nashville for lunch at Jackson’s.  The place was absolutely slammed and our server was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  He made sure to let us know right off the bat that he was a musician and this wasn’t his real job.  I don’t know if that was an excuse for whatever caliber of service we were about to receive or if it was an attempt to impress us.  But really, in Nashville, isn’t everyone a musician?   At any rate, the food was bangin’ and it was totally worth our time.  But we had to eat and run because we had a surprise planned for Katie.


Noms at Jackson’s

Okay, so what girl in the world wouldn’t want to tour the city in a carriage pulled by a horse named Kyle?  No girl, that’s who.  It was perfect, the sun was shining and a sweet woman named Lucky lead us all around town with her trusty sidekick Scooby.  Scooby didn’t do anything but lay around and get loved on.


Lucky, Jessica, Katie, me, Jessica, Miranda and Lindsey about to tour the city.


Katie, Jessica and Scooby.

If for some reason you don’t think you’re the “cute carriage riding” type there’s always the sideways bicycle beer buggy that you and all of your favorite alcoholics can ride together through the city if you would rather.


We were confused when we saw it too.

When we finished touring the city we came back to the apartment to prepare for the evening.  The nice Girls Night In was over and we were going to paint the town red for sure.  But not before we got all dolled up and transformed the apartment one last time.  While Katie got ready, we got down to business.  We had cut out all sizes of circles (traced from dishes) from fabulous scrapbook papers to make a pretty pattern on the feature wall.



We got rid of the burlap runner and threw sequins all over the table, filled the apothecary jars with pink sparkly tissue paper and mardi gras beads, laid out the obligatory bachelorette paraphernalia and put out some food to hold us over until dinner since we bumped back our reservation more times than I can recall.


We also made lingerie cookies to go along with the Girls Night Out/Bachelorette party theme.  It was totally worth it even though I wouldn’t have believed it while I was actually making them with Jessica.  All you have to do is use sugar cookie dough and a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  We cut the bottom point off and baked them per the instructions.  Afterwards we colored some homemade icing and started decorating.  I will say though that decorating the cookies is tedious and is not something you can rush through.  Take your time though, because they are a huge hit if you’re feeling up to the task.


If you haven’t heard of the “Panty Line” I’m going to tell you about it right now.  My friends did this for me when I got married and it was so cute!  Each party-goer selects a pair of panties to put on the line, and the bride-to-be has to guess which pair came from which girl.  You can attach notes if you like to give the bride a little more help.  This is way more fun than just opening a bunch of panties and lingerie and doesn’t take much more effort.




You know, for those full-coverage days. HA!


Hands down, the best looking bachelorette I saw all night. Lucky Casey!

I know you’re probably wondering what all those presents off to the left are.  They are none of your business, that’s what they are!  So Katie opened all her gifts and we took some pictures before anyone got the margarita lazy eye, ahem.  And off we went to dinner.  We had great food at the Big River Grille and Brewery and surprised Katie one more time for the night.




Uh yes that’s a stuporous bachelorette barbie missing a shoe laid out on that cake.


Katie loved it!

Then we hit the streets and made our way to The Stage for some live music.


BEST group shot by far!

We had a great time there and we tried our hardest to get our friend Katie on that stage.  But everything went awry when girls from some OTHER bachelorette party caused a bar fight.  There was just a lot of commotion: pushing, yelling, thrown drinks (party foul), and attempted punching.  Let me just say, my friends and I are classy freaking ladies and we were not wearing the appropriate shoes for a scuffle soooooo… BETTER THEM THAN US!  We continued on down Broadway and found some other spots,  and we ended at the perfect place.  I don’t know where we were exactly but I know that Katie got on stage and that made her night!


We had a really great night out but it’s safe to say Sunday morning came too early.  We made breakfast and presented Katie with one last surprise.  Jessica put together a photobook and we picked our photos, decorated each of our pages, and wrote messages to Katie in the back.  It was just a nice way to end the weekend.  DSC_0801

So congratulations to you, Katie.   Thanks for picking me to stand beside you on your big day.


Love you frand!


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