“Did you say scooshi?”


In nursing school I practically LIVED with my clinical group.  After two years, countless projects, sleepless nights of studying, and tons of memories made…we’re forever bonded.  Sarah was in my clinical group and she was probably everything I wasn’t.  She was super liberal, a dedicated Hash Harrier, loved to wear crazy, hole-ridden goodwill clothes, listened to Frou Frou, and didn’t care what anybody thought about her.  Not in that fake, “I don’t give a shit what she thinks!” kind of way.  She didn’t care in that confident, “I know exactly who I am, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t meet your expectations” kind of way.  I admire her and love her!  We ate lunch on campus all the time and she would buy sushi from our cafeteria.  But any time Sarah talked about it, she would call it scooshi.  With enthusiasm, and a squeal.  Now you try.  “Scooooooshiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!’

So I finally found out what all the fuss is about.  There is a place in Charlotte called The Cowfish, and I ate there with some of my buds and my husband on Saturday.  And don’t forget: this fulfills my February “try something new once a month” resolution.  I also fulfilled my other resolution of doing something nice for someone else by bringing Valentine’s Day cupcakes at work for muh frands/coworkers and sent a batch to work with my husband for his coworkers but that’s beside the point.

We ate like, ten meals a each.  D convinced me that ordering two entrees a piece would be smart in case I hated the sushi, and he could order another sushi for me to try.  Ain’t that sweet?   He doesn’t even LIKE sushi really.  I was excited, and the menu was huge and everybody was happy about that.


These are our fine companions:


Brian and Michael


Drew & Kristen

I ordered this Neon Dion roll, and as soon as I ordered it I forgot what was in it.  But Drew, an avid sushi connoisseur, helped me choose and reminded me that it was avocado, papaya, coconut, tempura shrimp and so on and so forth.  So… I really liked my sushi.  But I don’t know that I’m dying to have sushi again, or if it will be something I crave but it was a good venture into the unknown world of sushi.


Neon Dion

I tried D’s and I didn’t love it.  Drew shared his spider roll with me too…crab meat, celery and some other things I can’t remember.  All I know is the second I tasted it I started dry heaving.  I probably chewed it for like, five whole minutes because I could not WILL myself to swallow that sushi…and I wasn’t about to spit it out.  Spider Roll of Doom!


And here I am struggling, while my friends make fun of me.

I literally almost tossed my cookies, but I powered through and came out safely on the other side.  Afterwards we drove to our old stomping ground for dranks and games.  Good times were had by all!





Michael, me, and Kristen. Love them!

Successful scooshi date indeed!  Hope yall have a great week!


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