“Too Pretty to Unwrap!” and Gifts from the Heart


Ah, I love to hear those words.  I mean, how sweet that?!  That someone dare not open your gift for fear of ruining your finely crafted wrapping and bow tying?  I’ve always felt like giving a gift is, of course, a nice gesture.  But wrapping a gift beautifully is the cherry on top.  I used to think it was a big fat waste of time, but the older I get the more excited I feel when I get a beautifully wrapped gift.  Besides, I’m known for excessively taping my presents anyway.  D told me that he believes my goal in wrapping presents is to make sure the recipient can’t get it open.  Pffftttt, locked down like Fort Knox.  After all the taping, slapping some ribbon on the top doesn’t take much more time.


I took this picture of my Papa this past Christmas at the exact perfect moment.  In my family, if you look good, or you receive something amazing, or if you do anything worth a damn really…all the women make this noise.  And it’s like “woooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooo” all higher pitched in the beginning.  But I don’t expect you to actually know how it sounds, just know that its dumb and it makes D laugh.  My papa is totally making the noise in the picture.  After, he told me that my gift was too pretty to open.  He got over it of course, and was more excited about the gift inside than the packaging but I was flattered all the same!

I’ve been shopping at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Homegoods more and more as years go by.  And while you might not even think to look, those places have THE BEST wrapping papers, bows and tags.  Check all that out!


My friend’s wedding is coming up and I was excited to use my haul from TJ Maxx to wrap everything.  BONUS: it coordinated with this 31 Tote I had made for her eons ago that I bought to put all her shower gifts in.


Pretty cute huh? Did you notice that cute little tag?!


In situations like weddings, engagements and newborns…I do like to get my friends things that they registered for.  But I also like to make things for them, especially for my fellow crafters that understand the effort and meaning behind a handmade gift.  This is a pinterest inspired craft so I can’t take total credit.  I love quotes from the bible, especially Ecclesiastes 4.  So I made this CUTE little shabby chic signage for the soon-to-be-newlyweds.


Ecclesiastes 4:9

If you wanna know how to make the sign or gift tag, follow the links below!

Two are Better than One

Creative Gift Tags


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