Marching Right Along


So I have realized that maintaining a blog is harder than I thought it would be.  All the typing, proofing, posting, REproofing when you find errors, compulsively checking to see if anyone visited my silly little page, taking pictures of everything so people will know what the heck I’m rambling about.  I have found myself more obsessed with typing up a post than acknowledging that there was not one square of toilet paper left in this house.  I have spent ungodly amounts of energy trying to find the right picture for a post while my bathroom sat in such disarray that it rivaled the inside of an all boys bathroom in a freshman dorm.  I’m squinching my face in disgust just thinking about it.  HOUSEWIFE FAIL.  I ain’t proud….but at least I’m honest.  March has come and gone.

I’m also finding it hard to keep up my New Year’s Resolutions.  Pretty lame since it is only April, but I have managed to try something new for March.  My friend Kristen suggested a Zipline tour, and I was super excited to go.  If you live in North Cackalack I suggest visiting these fine folks.  Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour was awesome, our guides were funny and patient (considering that I zipline like I drive-go fast and brake late), and their dogs followed us through the woods for two solid hours until our tour was over.  Cuuuuuuuute.


Kristen and Drew before the tour


So excited!


There she goes!


Drew coming across the ravine


K1 and K2


Preparing to jump off the ledge…backwards!


Backwards leap of faith off the railing to get me to my next stop 1000 yards away!


Bear with her Uno card she found in the woods. It was a SKIP TWO if you’re wondering.


Sweet Roxanne

I entertained D’s bandmates while they recorded their original music and cooked a mid-morning breakfast feast all together.  If they ever make it big, I’ll remember stuff like that: screaming when you’re hit with bacon grease, fighting over the 1st waffle, and making a big fat mess at 2am because we’re young and we can.  I’ve also entertained the Norovirus which may or may not have been the worst week of my life.  Onto something more pleasant…

Weddings!  I love them and I am over the moon excited when I get to be IN them.  My girl, Katie, tied the knot over the weekend.  We had a beautiful bridesmaid brunch on Friday morning, and all the girls got to spend the whole day together before we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner where we stuffed our faces that evening.


Beautiful Friday morning with fabulous women, amazing food, and a perfect setting.


Love him!


Last single kiss!

We spent the night together in a hotel and got up far too early on Weddingday morning 🙂  Our breakfast was interrupted by the shrill screeching of fire alarms.  Is it bad that I never take fire alarms seriously?!  When you’re familiar with hospital culture it just becomes “one of those things” that you don’t have to really DO anything about.  You roll your eyes, close all doors, inform your patients that it’s not an issue, clear the halls, and go about your business.  I’m totally desensitized, and Katie would be normally since she’s in the same boat as me.  But not on your wedding day.  Her face dropped, we filed out of the building and she stood in the parking lot with her hands over her mouth in disbelief.  We were on a tight schedule, and the thought of our hotel going up in flames really had our bride worried.   The sweetest lady must have overheard our ineffective reassurance efforts.  She walked over to Katie and simply stated, “Don’t be worried, everything is fine.  Today is my seventeenth wedding anniversary.  SOMETHING is going to go wrong today, just let this be the thing that goes wrong and have a beautiful day.”  Done and done.  We were allowed back inside and we got to work.  We were pampered with hair and makeup, we drank champagne, and pranced around in our robes while the bellhop packed our things.  I’ve decided that is something every girl should enjoy.  It’s totally not my thing; I’ve never had someone do that for me but it was perfect.







Best Frand!

We gave Katie one last gift before she walked down the aisle.  Katie is crafty and so are the rest of us so it was only appropriate to present her with a little handmade something.  I’ll post a how-to page later right now!


We added a personal message on the back and placed a picture of all of us in the frame

The day flew by because we were having fun.  I spent the night with some of my favorite people in the world dancing like fools and laughing and taking pictures.  And for the record, the fire alarm was the only thing that went wrong 🙂

Hope you have a great Monday and that all your April Fool’s jokes are successful and well-received! HAHA!


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