Maintaining Resolutions


So I explained a few posts ago- I am actually excited to have New Year’s Resolutions and I plan to maintain them or die trying!  I’ve managed to do something new & something nice for someone else at least once a month.  To recap:

January:  I drove my first roadtrip alone AND I made and delivered Sarah’s “Creative Pay it Forward” gift.

February: I tried Sushi AND I made Valentine’s Day cupcakes for my coworkers and D’s coworkers.  Wife of the Year?  No?  Okay….

March:  I took my first Zipline Tour AND I prepared breakfast for the maids in Katie’s wedding.  I made sausage rolls and brought soft drinks, OJ, fruit, yogurt, etc (although all we did was drink Mimosas and eat sausage rolls!).

I selected my activities for the month of April (good thing since it’s like, half over.)

I’m choosing a brand new recipe at least once a week in an attempt to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  I’m butchering Pinterest recipes left and right.  Let’s be for real, half that shit does not turn out the way the picture appears.  First up was the ever popular Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken.  There are two primary recipes floating around:

This: 1 cup pineapple juice, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, 1.3 cup soy sauce, 2 pounds of thawed chicken breast tenderloins all in the crock for 6-8 hrs.


That:  4-6 chicken breasts, 16.5 oz crushed pineapple, 16.5 oz Hawaiian Barbecue sauce from Archer Farms (Target brand) all in the crock for 6 hrs.

I chose the first so I could be a little more authentic and not take a short cut with a pre-made sauce.  I wanted the satisfaction of actually “doing it myself” and all.  Fail.  My Hawaiian sauce was more like a marinade and it never thickened up.  The flavor was good, but the end result was not what I thought.  I found two other dinner recipes to try:  These Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps and a Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken with rice, veggies and white sauce (fat kid over here, hello).  And then my Grandma’s well-loved blueberry coffeecake.  If any of you fine folks has a fool-proof recipe suggestion, I would be appreciative.
For my something nice I’ve decided to finally part ways with all 27 of my bridesmaid’s dresses and my old prom dresses.  Joking, there’s only 6 here.   I had all these fine intentions of having them altered to become fabulous new dresses that I could “wear again” but I realize now that THAT is a pipe dream.  I’m donating them to a local organization that collects evening dresses for girls that need help making their prom dreams come true.  Have at it honey!  I know I’ve made lots of memories in those dresses, I hope the next owner does too.

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