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Spring Fever


DSC_1292Spring has sprung!   Doesn’t it just put a damn pep in your step?  It does that for me.  I get so excited for Spring that I start shopping for my flowers before the pansies have even been phased out at the Home Improvement stores, stalking out the flowers I covet most.  I end up making multiple unnecessary trips before I can get what I went for…but it ain’t killin’ me.  The only person it kills is D, he can’t stand to look at the same thing twice 🙂 In case you’re wondering, the chevron pot came from Ross, the flower stake from Cracker Barrel, and my fabulously Mad Hatter teapot planter came from a local Farmer’s Market by way of my pal, Kristen.  I squealed with delight when she presented it to me!DSC_1288  My little bicycle planter came from Home Goods.  I love it.  I gotta have a little whimsy in my yard or I ain’t happy.  And I’m happy to report that I am coming around in my old age.  I just celebrated a birthday, the big 27.  Anyway,   I used to think “lawn ornaments” were something only my grandparents had.  You know you’ve seen them.  The green painted frog sitting on a bench holding a red umbrella.  Or the one of the little girl frolicking in an imaginary field collecting flowers.  Or the mischievous gnome, either a Winklebottom or a Figgleforth, doing whatever it is gnomes do.   You know your mom probably has one; you know your grandma definitely has one.  And you know you do not want one.  Not knocking it so much, I know when I drive up to a relative’s house and I see it, I smile because that thing has been there practically as long as the home itself.  I know if I drove up to my house and saw it, I would not smile.  But this little guy makes me smile!  He’s totally smiling too.DSC_1355  Probably because our double knock-out roses exploded over the last week.  Meow!  We totally have the most color on the block.  And one of my neighbors hoards plants in pots all around her house, so that’s really saying something.  I will show you too, a couple of Pinterest projects gone right that totally invite Spring right on in.  I saw a white vintage birdcage with phlox billowing from it…hanging in some dreamy garden on Pinterest one night.  And right then I knew I was going shopping the next day.  I found this cage at Marshall’s in the garden section.  D removed the automatic candle that was affixed to the center for me; I covered the hole with a piece of plastic.  Since I wasn’t sure how to keep the roots and dirt from showing, I glued sheet-style moss (from another project) to the floor/sides of the cage.  I planted pink and yellow flowers in the cage and hung it from a shepherd’s hook in my front flower bed.  I love it.  Whimsy!


I also made a new wreath for my mom’s front door for Mother’s Day.  She and I spent the day driving to the Dirty Myrtle (or Myrtle Beach for those of you unfamiliar), so I knew I had to make her gift and give it to her early.  I found some tutorials on Pinterest for making fluffy burlap wreaths on a three-ringed metal frame.  SO easy.  So I copied the tutorials and attached red & white chevron fabric to match her floral color scheme in her yard.  I bought a monogram for her name and covered it in scrapbook paper and sealed it with Mod Podge.  I got super inexpensive floral picks at Walmart of all places, which I then deconstructed for use on the wreath.  Turned out pretty cute?!

DSC_1244  DSC_1266

I don’t know about you or your OCD tendencies, but I’m here to tell you mine are raging full throttle come Springtime.  My normal duties are almost always put on the back burner so I can clean, rearrange and revamp our little house.  I had read other blog posts about families undergoing “The Great Purge” and I wondered if my house could benefit.  You go room by room, closet and drawer by closet and drawer detaching yourself from your unused things and donating them.  And by the end you have a massive pile of things you forgot you ever had to donate to someone else.  I didn’t think it would matter much in my house; D and I donate probably once a month at least…that should be a clue right there that we are hoarding.  Let me tell you, the fear I have of hoarding is deep rooted.  I may have had brushes with a real live hoarder in my past, but that’s not confirmed.  Anyway,  I just didn’t feel like we would have “The Great Purge” experience.  Untrue.  We filled my entire car with things we were holding onto “just in case” we needed it.  I mean, I had enough glass flower vases to run a flower shop.  I donated more than I could count on one hand.  Hoarderin’ fo sho.  I was pretty proud of the haul, and I’ve started rearranging/revamping the house.  So stay tuned, revamping means there will be lots of DIY projects comin’ atcha!