Creativity is Messy & I am Very Creative.


Let me make a little secret public.  My guest bedroom door is always closed and not to keep the room pristine for a future guest.  Heaven knows I would love for you to believe you could eat off my floors, and that my toilet is always clean, and not a speck of dust hides in any nook or cranny of my house.  But I must confess, most of that is untrue 😉 and that closed bedroom door hides a big fat mess.  Fabric, empty picture frames, scrapbook papers, glitter, ribbons, paint, and every project that I have in progress.  Everything creative lands there until I get time to do what I love.  If you saw it you might think I was awfully hypocritical for harping at D all the time to clean up after himself.  If you saw it, that is.

You will not.

So what have I been up to?  For June I’ve already made good on my “something nice” resolution and cleaned up one small portion of the room in the process.  One guy signed up to be one of my Creative-Pay-It-Forward gift recipients and I couldn’t let a good opportunity to craft for a dude pass me by.  Not all guys would care or appreciate a handmade anything, but I think that’s because most of you boys ain’t in touch with your sensitive side.  Shame on you!  Brandon is very special to me, and he’s been around about as long as D has.  Brandon, Lauren (his wife), D and I dated at the same time and we did all kinds of stuff together (and still do).  And because the boys were so close, it kinda felt like we were a “friend family” which made Brandon my boyfriend-in-law/husband-in-law.  Very complicated I know, but they are the forever kind of friends.  Brandon has gotten into homemade salsa and makes all kinds of flavorings.  At their Super Bowl Party, his salsa concoctions lined the table and people couldn’t get enough!  So I thought, shouldn’t he have an awesome chip & dip bowl to work with?  Yes, he should.  I found a ceramic dish at Target and got to work.  I used chalkboard paint from another project and painted the whole thing.  Turned out pretty awesome!?  Now when someone throws a party he can use that bowl to tell what the salsa is, or (let’s be honest here) to write inappropriate phrases for his friends to enjoy.


But have bad news to break.  I was surfing Pinterest one night and found out that chalkboard is not a safe serving surface.  Awshitaw.  I had painted that bowl forever ago, and there was no fixing that.  BUT I think that all you would need is a small container for the salsa sit in, inside the dip portion of the dish and you would be fine.  That’s what we decided anyway.  Kind of a Housewife Fail there, but not all the way.  He was happy, I think?!

And Mother Nature paid a visit by way of a wicked Thunderstorm last week.  It knocked the power out for a number of hours, leaving me disconnected from the things that rot my brain: TV namely, and the internet.  So I opened up the guest bedroom to find a project to initiate.  I made that burlap wreath for my mom weeks ago, and I dreaded the thought of making my own.  But there the stuff sat, right where I left it, begging to be used.  So I got to work and by the time the power came on I was ready for some glue gun action to complete it.  It came out perfect!  I love it!


I hope you all have a great week!  Check back soon for some more adventures into home decor and crafting.  I have tons of cool projects in the works.  And Happy Birthday to my husbing, D!!  Love you!


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