I’ve been doing tons of projects here the last couple of weeks, and I’ve got a couple things to share.  I’ve been trying to consolidate and get the guest bedroom/craft landing pad cleaned up because that room is about to completely transform.  And I’ve also found the more stressful things become, the more I throw myself into whatever creative thing I can find.  At work, everything is always so scientific and methodical, sometimes its nice to turn my music up and sling paint.  Hear me now:  I’m officially on a craft binge!

DSC_1440First off,  I’ve been collecting glass bottles for a few months now so I could make treat jars for muh frands.  I bought two handfuls of decorative knobs from Hobby Lobby. Always 50% off.  Score!  This project was super inexpensive.  Essentially, it really only comes to about $3 each since I was going to trash those jars otherwise and I already had enough spray paint to be considered obsessive.  I used a hammer and nail to start a guide hole for my knob in the center of each lid.  I did this first, so I wouldn’t mess up the paint job trying to punch holes later. I sprayed and sealed each lid, then added my knob and that was it.  It’s a perfect little prize to give to whoever I want, for whatever reason or for no reason at all.  They turned out pretty great!  Now all I need to figure out is what to fill them with and who so deserves my love and affection :).


DSC_1326I also delivered another “Creative Pay it Forward” gift.  This is the only gift that I haven’t “made” so far.  I was feeling a little guilty about it, especially since she is crafty too.  I snapped out of it though because I really put a lot of thought into it.  Laura is the recipient I know the very least, so I had to do research to discover things she loved.  And by research I am referring to Facebook stalking, of course.  I found out that she loves Pinterest, gourmet foods, crafts of all kinds, and bacon.  Bacon was a recurring theme so I decided I needed to find something awesome related to that.  I researched online and I came across a 50 Shades themed, bacon devoted cookbook.  Every female that has read 50 Shades seems to have loved it and clearly Laura loves bacon so it seemed like a win-win.  When it came it the mail I was super pumped.  It was hilariously suggestive, and the recipes looked like crowd pleasers.  I wrapped it up all pretty and delivered it by way of a mutual friend. 


She loves it!

I purchased new bedding for the master eons ago, but I haven’t had the right accessories to pull everything together.  I’m getting there, so there are new art projects on tap in the coming weeks.  I’ve also made tons of progress procuring all the right things for the guest bedroom redo too, can’t wait to show it to you!  TONS of DIY fabulosity coming your way…and a trip to Nashville is in the works.  Waaaahooo!


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