It ain’t broke, but we gotta fix it.


I had all these high hopes of blawgin’ up a storm this weekend with new recipes, tons of craft ideas and home decor ventures.  Then my husband tried to snap his foot off and all my plans went to shit.

Lucas is an old college buddy and our Captain America.  He and his family sacrifice so we can all sleep a little safer at night (thank heavens for brave people like him).  Lucas and his sweet little family have traveled quite a distance as they have relocated many miles from their Kansas home.  They made a pit stop in their hometown to visit friends and family.  Whenever he does this, all the boys drop EVERYTHING to spend time.  I was hanging out on Saturday evening with my friend Kristen when I got a phone call from D.  He said, “Change of plans, I might have broken my ankle.”  That’s what 29 year old boys get for playing frisbee!   He stepped in a hole, cranked his ankle and waved the white flag of surrender.  When he got home I marveled at the fattest cankle I’ve ever seen, went to purchase wraps and an ice pack and started in with my best Nurse Ratched antics.  Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate and Pray, people!  I wasn’t convinced anything was broken but ya never know.  A night’s rest made some improvement but definitely not enough to skip a doctor’s visit.  And D was actually requesting the trip.  It ain’t broke but we gotta fix it!  We have no clue what to do at a doctor’s office!  We basically have to be dying to go to the doctor!  Shame, I know.  After 3 hours, Xrays, crutches, pain pills, and this magic ankle brace (it better be for the price), we came home home with news of no broken ankle but a sprain bad enough someone would rather have a break (according to the PA).  Ironic huh?  Let’s see what kind of patient D makes in the coming days.  That’ll determine the kind of nurse he gets. 🙂

I’ve been incredibly productive in spite of everything.  This weekend I have been to meetings, been to a rock show, dusted the furniture, vacuumed, cleaned bathrooms.  I’ve killed two monstrous spiders, took out the trash and recycling, unloaded the dishwasher, made a home cooked meal, been to the doctor, scrapbooked, and revamped the master bedroom (finally).  I’m basically kicking ass and taking names.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been collecting all the right accessories to bring some new bedding into the rotation.  That’s right, I said rotation.  A girl’s gotta have options!  And much like D’s ankle, my bedroom decor wasn’t broke, but I fixed it.  Here’s my rotation:



And now:


Blue, Green and Gray!

And a dog that always likes to be on the bed, thank goodness she matches.  I purchased that bedding from JC Penny forever ago and I had been dying to bring it out.  But it was really all I had, and you gotta sauce it up a little.


Ampersand from Marshall’s, Threshold frame from Target


Scrolled frame from Marshall’s, Larger frame from the As-Is Section of Ikea (nothing wrong with it!)


Frame from Marshall’s half the price of the exact frame I saw in Pier 1!

I only needed a couple of new things, most everything else stayed the same in our little room.  Now, accessories are one thing, but artwork is another.  I’ve had the same print above the bed for years and it has always worked beautifully but I needed to go a different direction.  I’m not really big on store-bought generic art because it’s impersonal and uninspiring for me so it really posed a problem.  And I’m not exactly an artist.  But nobody told me I couldn’t pretend to be one!  So this is what I ended up with…



I’ll post a how-to later on, for now I think I’ve rambled enough.  I hope you all have a great week!


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