I totally made that!


So I last posted about my not-so-good-very-bad weekend and how somehow it miraculously turned itself around.  And I explained my troubles with finding the right artwork for the master bedroom and that I ain’t no artist.  But I AM self-aware enough to know I’m not going to buy some generic art from some store and slap it on my walls with any sort of satisfaction.  It just won’t do.  Maybe that’s snooty but I do not care.  I’m also aware of how hypocritical it is of me to pass any judgment on store-bought art seeing as how I can’t do any better.  I make no apologies, I like what I like and that’s no sin.  Rude?  Maybe.  A sin?  No.  But I’m a firm believer in not impulsively buying things because they “match” or because they will fill empty sad spaces.  It’s gotta be the right stuff.  Because if it isn’t, they might make you think you’re happy, yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, maybe for a minute or two. Everclear…anybody?  No? Oh, alright…

Anyway, you can’t just buy stuff to fill a void in a room.  You might think you’re satisfied for the time being but eventually it will creep up.  That feeling of dissatisfaction with a piece that wasn’t meant to be in that space.  This is how you end up with so much crap to donate to Goodwill, people!  I like photographs mostly, but sometimes its nice to have artwork and our house really had none, until now.  Now I have this:


I’ve had The Big Ass Book of Crafts for a very long time, thanks to Jess.  And there’s a tutorial on scrape painting that I really liked.  All you have to do is cut pieces of cardboard to be used as your “brushes” and drag paint all over a canvas.  So easy!  And the best part is…the messier the better!  The more imperfections you create, the more interesting it looks in the end.  Another bonus, I only had to buy the canvas to complete this project 🙂 and it was 50% off at the craft store.  I searched the internet for a quatrefoil pattern I liked, resized and printed it.  I traced it onto a piece of cardboard and used that as a “template” to trace and cut all the shapes I needed out of carefully selected contrasting scrapbook papers (with the help of my boes) from my endless stock.  Too bad I didn’t have a shape I loved with my Cricut machine; that was very tedious! 


Originally, I wanted wooden letters for my quote.  I made many trips to craft stores that left me empty-handed before I realized I would have to try something else.  I ordered wooden letters online, and even painted them white before I realized how unsure I was of them for this project.  Oh well!  Just forget you ever saw them placed so carefully in the picture above.  I do love all the quatrefoil shapes’ colors and patterns though, eeeeeeeee!


So there I have started painting.  I chose two blues, a white, and a green.  And I scraped paint all crazy to fill the canvas.  I love how some of the colors bled together.  Since I knew I wanted the primary color of the canvas to be a smoky gray and layering of paint would be involved, I knew I could use crackle paint too.  After the colored paint dried I used a sponge and painted random areas of the canvas with crackle paint, very haphazardly so it wouldn’t look uniform.  I let the crackle paint dry COMPLETELY before applying my gray paint.


To finish up the painting, I used my sponge to paint the exposed edges gray.  When that was complete I used a black ink pad and rubbed the edges and corners of my canvas with it.  I wanted the surface of the canvas to have as much interest and depth as possible.  It’s very subtle, but I see it! Here’s a close of up of the detail:


I also rubbed the edges of each quatrefoil shape in black ink, so they wouldn’t look so freshly cut.  I laid my shapes out and when I had a pattern I liked, I started gluing with Tacky Glue.  I ended up hating the wooden letters when I placed them on my canvas.  The sizes were cut all wonky and it made me cringe.  Am I crazy?  Why were the sizes all different?  Are they different?  Is it going to look like I was drunk when I glued these down?  Will people realize that I can glue things in a straight line or will they think this was a craft fail?

The torture.  Basically, I wanted the text to be very simple and not fussy.  I chose stark white paper and used my Cricut to cut letters in a very plain font and glued them to the bottom right.  That was the look I wanted, sans the 3D effect that would have been nice.  But ugly letters are ugly letters, in every dimension.  That quote is from our first dance at our wedding, and it makes me really happy to see it in our room, and D said it makes him smile.  So this is a big fat craft win!  Housewife win!

Happy Friday yous guys!


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