Goodbye July!


This month has been off the chain.  Between meetings, rock shows, home improvements, trying to maintain my resolutions, changes at work, and a long weekend vacation…I’m beat.  So maybe this won’t be a big fat post.  Maybe it will be mostly pictures.  I talk a lot, so we shall see.

I am happy to report I’ve maintained my resolutions for July!  On the way back from one of his shows:





D and I were talking about concerts.  Pearl Jam is my absolute favorite and it’s been my dream to see them live.  Its been on my bucket list for years, not knowing if it would ever come to pass since they tour infrequently.  BUT we had found out that day that they are coming to Charlotte soon and we bought our tickets as soon as they went up.  That led us to talk about Aerosmith, one of his favorites, and about their concert he went to as a freshman in high school.  He got this awesome concert shirt and he was explaining what it looked like and how bummed he was because it’s been gone for years and he has no idea what ever happened to it.  And that was it.  I figured out how old D was back then, what year the concert had to have been in, what the tour name was, and started digging online for concert shirts from the “Nothing Can Stop this Rock” tour.  I found the olive colored shirt, with the tour dates on the back, the eagle smoking a cigarette on the front surrounded by the Air Force-esque emblem for the Aero Force One fan club.  An awesome vintage shop in the United Kingdom shipped it to me for D’s “just because” surprise.  He was really happy and that put a smile on my face.  There’s my something nice for July.

I also made a trip back to Nashville, this time with D and no snowmageddon.  We had a great weekend!  Here’s what we did, most of which I had never done before so there’s part two of my resolutions fulfilled.  Here we go!

We drove down Thursday so we could go for a morning tour of Noble Springs Goat Farm Friday morning!

We saw lots of chickens!

Never touched a gullet before, but there’s a first time for everything I guess.  Weird.

Spent some time with the boy goats first.  They love the ladies!

That fella loves ladies so much he tried to eat my hair!

Here are three of my best friends with the ladies of Noble Springs!

There’s just a whole lot of lovin’ and bitin’ going on in this picture.  HA!

She was posing all sweet, I love her 🙂

This is Charlie the Barn Cat and he loved all the attention!

On the way back home from the farm we passed this barn.  I totally whined until we turned the car back around.  Who knew such beautiful things were tucked away in the hills of Franklin, Tennessee?  It took my breath away, too bad this photograph does its beauty no justice!

We stopped by The Loveless Cafe for a late lunch before heading back to prepare for the evening’s festivities.


We went out on the town for a night of fun at THE Bluebird Cafe.  Keep your hand down if you didn’t know about this place until the show, Nashville, made it’s debut.  Legendary performers step foot on that tiny stage every day.

Don Schlitz giving me chills singing some of my old school favorites.  Who would have known?!    Everyone should experience this place.

Then we went into the heart of downtown Nashville to see the neons of Broadway on a fun Friday night.


Having fun out on the town…


Belly laughin’ with our friends!


Then we made new friends!




Then I had a pepper spray malfunction and Jessica and I suffered the consequences.  Oops.  I can tell you this, I never wanna get pepper sprayed on purpose!  But no worries, we survived!

After brunch Saturday morning, Jess and I shopped while the boys caught some live music on Broadway.  We met up for an awesome dinner at Chuy’s.  So cool!




Then D photobombed my picture.  And I gave him a typical, “cut that out” face.


The boys had a proposition for us and explained at dinner that they wanted to go back downtown and buy some new boots since they were on sale.  How often do your menfolk ask you to go shoe shopping?  They twisted my arm, and to the boot store we went!  Here we are afterwards, pleased with our purchases!


If you’ve never been to Nashville, Tennessee you should consider it.  It’s a great town!  Hope you all have a great week!


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