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Tattoos, Tea Parties and MORE!


Hey to all you new followers out there, so glad you decided to join in on this little piece of my world!  So happy to have you :).  So, what’s been going on in my neck of the woods for the last bit?  It’s been busy and fun, so I’m gonna give you lots of pictures this post too!  For starters, I finally made it to the Lazy 5 Ranch, the local “drive-thru zoo,” if ya will.  If you haven’t been then you must go, and take me.






“You come here often?”

Then, I went to the finest bridal shower ever…a TEA PARTY for Jenni-Pho with my girlfrands!  It was beautiful!  A wicked windstorm came out of nowhere (thank you North Carolina!) and made us pack up early, but we still had a blast.





I had a major craft session/sleep over with my friend Katie.  I sassed up my kitchen and gave a naked wall that’s been bothering me a little something to say.  I would post a tutorial but I feel like you guys know how to trace, cut and glue ;).


Basically, that took me twenty minutes so it left plenty of time for me to micromanage Katie as she tried her hand at the Scrapbooked Frame.  Awesome results!  This is for the new niece or nephew she’s expecting in the months to come!


She also dropped off my cookie jar I painted many moons ago and I love it!  Now I just gotta make some cookies!


Soooo, while I’ve been sprinklin’ glitter and playin’ with my pretty papers…my friend, Jenn, has been preparing for war.  Okay, not war, but a long-fought battle to become an IRONMAN.  She blogs about it too: the charity, the training, and the motivation to do tha damn thang.  She’s pretty spectacular, but she didn’t have to swim 2.4, bike 112, and run 26.2 miles to prove it to me!


I’m so proud of her and I wanted to pay a little respect and talk about how we celebrated!  She had been talking about how eager she would be to get her M-Dot tattoo after the race, the official signature of an IRONMAN.  So with help from Jason, her husband, D and I made a secret appointment with her tattoo artist.  Coincidentally, I had made the perfect Sauce Jar without even knowing it.  I love it when a plan comes together!


A VT Maroon-colored lid to honor her Alma Mater and charity, a cute knob with a vintage bike printed on it, atop a jar filled with candy and her appointment card tied to the rim.  Surprise!  We’re takin’ you to get your tattoo!!!!


I killed two birds with one stone here in fulfilling my New Year’s Resolutions for August.  The tattoo surprise is my “something nice” for the month as well as my “something new” as I had never even stepped foot in a tattoo shop before.  It was a good first experience, didn’t hurt me one bit!


We contemplated a table full of options and little by little she narrowed her choice down to this fine number:


And this is how it turned out…awesome tattoo.



I hope yall have a fantastic weekend.  The Charlotte 49ers are about to make history and we’ve got front row seats.  Talk soon!


I swear I’m not a huffer but I’m the next best thing.


Those of you that know me,  ya know I love a good can of spray paint.  And for those of you that don’t…well, I fricking fracking love a good can of spray paint!  I have a whole shelf in the garage that D begrudgingly surrendered to me and all my cans.  I know what it looks like but I promise you will not see my confused face smeared with spray paint in a mugshot anytime soon.  Spray paint is only meant for good!  Sometimes people are intimidated by it and I gotta say I have learned the hard way.  Don’t waste your time spray painting in the wind because you’re too impatient to start the project another day, paint your fingernails after your project is done, don’t spray paint when it’s humid because your paint will bubble up, invest in a trigger handle and do not spray paint on your daddy’s carport under any circumstances for the love of GOD.  But really, you can spray paint almost anything and sometimes you transform a piece and make it better than when you started.  And since that’s the goal, it’s a good time for all parties involved.

The scrapbooked frame, as I call it, is one of my favorite projects.  I’ve been able to recreate it time and time again without feeling like I’ve done the same project twice since each piece is unique.  To make it you will need:

-A picture frame: Try searching your local thrift store.  The frames are cheap and usually old and more ornate.  And trust me, the uglier, the better. All surfaces work: wood, plastic, metal, you name it.  Only condition: the frame must have a piece of glass that would normally protect the photograph.

-Scrapbooking supplies (paper, embellishments, glue, glue gun, scissors, ya know)

-A clip of some kind: I found a bag of tiny clothespins at Walmart and they work perfect

So let’s do it!

Remove the backing and glass from your frame and set aside.  Find a good place and start painting your frame.  If you have chosen a more ornate frame, make sure you can get into all those little nooks and crannies.  But don’t get impatient, globs of drippy spray paint ain’t cute.  When you have a well coated frame, use a sealer like Patricia Nimocks in gloss for a protective finish.  Allow it to dry completely!  Take the scrapbook paper that’s going to serve as your background and cover the front surface of the glass from your frame.  Use a glue like Tacky Glue to apply that paper.  It should cover the glass completely without lots of excess.  If you do have overhang, just trim it up so that it fits nicely back in the frame.  Put the glass back in the frame, paper exposed, and secure with the frame backing.  This will allow you to visualize the surface for what it really is and you can figure out exactly where your embellishments fit best.   Do your embellishing from this point forward.  Add more paper, buttons, paper flowers, (GLITTER!), and make this frame work!  Add your picture clip where you please, and secure with hot glue.  This allows you to change the photo out from time to time it’s way more versatile than a regular frame.  How simple was that?!  Pardon the poor photo quality in my “after” images and the fact that there are no before images.  I did these projects before I realized I would start a blog, sorry :(.


My embellishments only vary slightly frame to frame.  So I won’t be terribly specific unless you need me to.  I used self-adhesive rhinestones/pearls for the center of my flowers (I scored those in the dollar section of Michael’s).  In one frame you may notice I used buttons; they were vintage from my Grandma Hilda.  I used pre-made paper flowers if they coordinated with the color scheme of the frame.  Other times I used my Cricut and Martha Stewart craft punches to create multidimensional flowers from paper I had on hand.



I used scrap fabric from other projects to make rosettes and add texture.  I love this no-sew tutorial on how to make a fabric flower the best.  I used glitter glue to make the swirly vine patterns (these come in tons of colors and can be found for a buck in tiny bottles at Walmart and Michael’s).  If you haven’t done anything with glitter glue before, I suggest practicing a few times on another piece of paper.  The key is consistently increasing the pressure on the bottle to make sure the glue comes out at the same rate, and to keep going until you’re finished with each stroke.  If you get an air bubble that disrupts the flow, continue anyway.  It won’t be perfect, so just slap a paper flower over the gap or the janky parts in the swirl and call it a day, friend.


I stamp on all my frames, and sometimes use ink pads to drag the perimeter of the paper for added interest and dimension. You can also see that technique hereSometimes, the background paper is the star. So I’ve attempted to show a little restraint and not busy it up unless it was necessary.





Plan the frame out just like you would a scrapbook page, or fly by the seat of your pants.  Up to you, just have fun!  Happy huffing, er, crafting!

I saw that on Pinterest!


I don’t know about you, or if you’re as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, but we are gonna talk about it today.  I get real pissed off when I find an idea on Pinterest and I expect miracles to occur and the Earth to move based on how much stock people put into said idea.  I mean, if you tell me its the best thing since sliced bread…I expect it to be true.  But sometimes it just ISN’T and you sit around wondering if you actually did it right.  So, let’s dive into a couple of these ideas and I’ll tell you if they’re worth it before you invest your energy.

So did you see the whole “soak your shower head in vinegar” to improve water flow and rid the shower head of any moldy gunk with minimal effort on your part?  Yes?  Ok, I let my shower head get as disgusting as I could stand for the sake of this post.  This was difficult for me since I’m pretty anal retentive about my house being clean.  I have been in living situations so cringe-worthy that I have LITERALLY been reduced to tears in my past.  But that’s just a whole other thing all together.  So here is the before picture:


Don’t JUDGE me, I did this for you!

And here is the during picture:


And here is the after:


So basically, not worth your time.  Obviously, I need my shower head to be spotless.  So I still ended up having to clean it with the old toothbrush like I always have.  Not to mention the fact that I left the vinegar bag hanging for way longer than the post instructed me to just because I wasn’t getting any of the desired effects.  So my whole bathroom smelled like stanky vinegar for over a day.  And if you’re having trouble imagining what that must be like…think about a locker room occupied by a gym class full of sweaty boys knowing they barely place enough value on personal hygiene to be considered “good human code.”  That ought to do it.  Pass on this pin.

Another post that sang to me was the “Sharpie Art Mug” because I think on the whole, nurses consume ungodly amounts of coffee and there are statistics that prove it.  We’ve made the top ten list and when someone brews a fresh pot of coffee at about 3AM this is what my coworkers look like:


So of course my nursing buddies could appreciate a thoughtful coffee mug.  I got a mug at Dollar Tree and used some sharpies I had on hand.  I do suggest using a fat-tipped marker, not a skinny one.   I think the handwriting just looks better!


I wrote a real sweetsie note to my friend and baked it in the oven at tree-fiddy for 45 minutes.  Simple as that.  I let it cool off and wrapped it up with all kinds of coffee and coffee-themed snacks.  This pin was totally worth my time.  And It can be worth yours too!  I wish this idea was mine originally, but it ain’t.  I never would have thought to bake a mug in the oven because I wouldn’t want it to shatter in a fiery inferno ball and burn my house down.  But people bake in ceramics all the time so I don’t know what I was afraid of.


I hope you all have a great week.  Maybe you can actually make something you’ve pinned for once if you’re feeling up to the task!