College Football Dreamin’


Hear me now: college football is the thing dreams are made of.  I kinda like the fact that I waited 27 years of my existence without ever actually attending a college football game, just so that my first experience would be at Charlotte.  I swear, I think the Earth moved with the first kickoff.  And I’m here to tell you that the momentum felt sustained for our second game against Chowan, which I am still mispronouncing.  Who cares, we beat the shit out of them.  And it felt good.

I think college football might even make a morning person out of this night shift RN but don’t quote me.  D and I drove down bright and early, picked up some friends that did NOT attend Charlotte, and headed to campus to tailgate.  The lot was empty, so we they played Can Jam.  That is, until some strange man picked the parking spot where we were playing (out of a practically empty parking lot) to park in.  How about you pick a spot one or two to the left, sir?  I hope you can tell I’m rolling my eyes, even as I type this a week later.


I won’t pretend I was even playing the same game as the rest of my friends.   I can’t grip the frisbee. It doesn’t even feel like a real frisbee.  It feels like an Olympic sport frisbee that my girl hands can’t get ahold of.  D told me though, that THAT is a regular people frisbee.  Who knew?!  I’m used to those 99 cent frisbees you get a PetSmart for your dog.  But look the game up, it’s a good time.  We had adult beverages, ate junk food, played games and chit chatted. 



The drum line made a detour through the lot and I have to say, I’m impressed.  They really make an effort to give you that college football experience, and they aren’t bad either.  We had our traditional game day toast (given by Jason).  His speech was all about really cheering for your team and meaning it.  And he wanted us to yell from our gut, and cheer louder for our Niners than ever before.  Here he is with a volunteer demonstration. HA!DSC_0876


We headed up the bricks to the stadium for another blisteringly hot ballgame.  We were sweating and getting burnt despite our best efforts.  But the game was great, and we got to see lots of touchdown action again…and sometimes from 30 feet away.  Can’t complain!



One of the highlights of that day for me was being able to celebrate the Niners with someone who doesn’t necessarily HAVE to like Charlotte.  It’s great and all, to be amongst current students and graduates.  I love that; its like a family.  And being on campus and being in the stadium feels like coming home.  But there’s something to be said for sharing an experience with someone who has no allegiance to Charlotte, showing them what we’re all about and hearing them say, “I could totally be a 49ers fan!”  I’m glad I could introduce our friends to Charlotte 49er sports and they could enjoy the fun for themselves.  And although NC Central dealt us our first loss this weekend, I don’t think the Niner spirit will lose any steam.  If anything, I think we will forge right on ahead because the we will not be told “no” under any circumstance.  I’m looking forward to the next home game but we’ve got a couple weeks of away games on tap…so I’ll be directing my Saturday attentions elsewhere.  Good thing too, because I’ve got a big party coming up and I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Picks up!  Have a great week yall!


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