Boob Voyage (Pt. 1)!


First off, I want to thank you all for the incredible support of The “C” Word.  I had such cold feet when I typed that post for fear of being misunderstood or judged.  I revised it a million times, and almost deleted it more times than that before I decided to pull the trigger and just publish it already!  I’m so flattered and honored by your encouraging words, countless facebook shares, repins, texts, and the readership.  However it resounded with you, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to put it out there.  You guys are fantastic.

There are many reasons I needed to post that.  First, nurses are paranoid and hyper-aware of generalized symptoms and ailments because those things often bring our patients too us.  They garner attention but we are plagued by the “what-ifs” at times.  Second, I had this crazy dream that I was diagnosed with cancer.  My coworkers were my nurses, and when they told me they were gonna have to look at my butt and check me for bed sores I politely declined the invitation.  That kind of rattled me.  Third, and most importantly, my coworker DID receive a diagnosis.  And while there is a lot of emotion involved in that, we’re all very thankful that it was revealed at this time.  She has been so open and forthcoming; its allowed us to support her the way she needs/wants to be supported.  Everybody’s different after all!  She wanted to have a Pre-Op Girls night and we were happy to oblige.  It was time to say “TA TA to the ta-tas!!”  All aboard for the BOOB VOYAGE!

As you can imagine, there isn’t much time for party planning when something so major comes up, so we hit the ground running.  Since I’m not in the business of throwing a bad party, come hell or high water, so I told asked my friend/coworker, Erin, to be my co-planner.

We formulated some goals: a little tongue & cheek, a little glam, and maximize on the theme.  Our pink, black, and gold color scheme looked great…despite what that naysaying clerk from Bed, Bath & Beyond said as I made my tablecloth purchase.  Just ring me up already, lady!  I’m glad we went that route though, plastic tablecloths don’t feel glam to me.  The hanging decorations came in a kit from Party City for < $11.  Before you venture down the “Make Your Own Poofs” road: you don’t save money DIYing it, and you certainly don’t save yourself a headache.  Been there, done that, learned the hard way.  Just buy the kit.


We had three pound dip with chips, chocolate covered strawberries, sausage rolls, ham & cheese sliders, cocktail weenies, lingerie cookies, Hugs sugar cookies, incredible cupcakes from a local bakery, and various beverages including our Pink Party Drink.  Our attendees brought dishes to share.


DSC_0003What’s a fabulous drink if you don’t have a pretty glass to sip from?  A waste, that’s what!  We served our beverage in wine glasses with a pink & white straw and a strawberry for garnish.  We cut a lime, and used it to wet the glass rim and apply sugar.  It works much better than water and keeps the sugar from falling off.  It’s like glue!  Since presentation is everything, we placed our glasses on this Old Hollywood-esque gold, mirrored tray from World Market.


You may recognize those lingerie cookies.  I’ve helped make these before with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and decorated them as panties for a bachelorette party.  But they absolutely work as bras and boobies!  The pink cookie was made with regular sugar cookie dough, a small dose of Wilton’s food coloring (Rose) and a Hugs candy.  That couldn’t have worked better with the color scheme if we had tried!


We got untensils/plates/napkins on the cheap by going to Dollar Tree.  It really allowed us to spend our money on the things that mattered.  Erin dotted our napkins using a round sponge with metallic gold paint for the pink napkins and pink paint for the gold napkins.  Anything for the color scheme!  I was a pretty simple added touch, and it was absolutely worth it.

As party favors, we packaged strawberry cake pops (without the stick) covered in white chocolate and oreo truffles. Not to let a good opportunity pass us by, we placed the confections two-by-two as their chocolate coatings dried and finished them off with a pink center.  See what we did there? 😉



Erin and I bought clear balloons from Party City and used a funnel to pour metallic confetti into each one.  ALL 72 of them.  A few balloons were scattered on the floor but we had grand plans for the others.

DSC_1029Our menfolk used needle and thread, and a little backtalk (I’m looking at YOU, Dustin) to string the balloons all together by their tails.  Once completed, we taped the strands to the ceiling leading the guests from the entryway into the living room.  I won’t lie though, one strand kept falling down, and required lots of unplanned attention right up until guests starting arriving.  If you like this look, I would suggest using fishing line or something high-test so you won’t have rogue decorations to contend with.  Luckily though, the balloon strands behaved while the party was going on.  Phew!


We added some streamers here and there, lit candles, and set up veniettes for our guests to enjoy.   Come back in the coming days to hear about how the party went!  Happy Fall!


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