Boob Voyage (Pt. 2)


The stage was set, now all we had to do was wait for our guests and guest of honor!  Everything was smooth sailing as long as those damned balloon streamers stayed put.

The first vignette people would visit would be for “Sarah’s Love Notes,” a station in the foyer dedicated to writing down some encouraging words in case she needed a little pick-me-up or as a reminder of how much she means to us.


Erin and I cut black & white baker’s twine and pink scrapbook papers ahead of time so it would be less time consuming for the guests.  Each little note was wrapped up with twine and placed in this keepsake box, decorated with 3D flowers and scrapbook paper.


We made sure to bring the papers to work too, so people who weren’t able to attend could still write a little note.  The hospital never sleeps, so somebody had to work on the night of the party.


We wanted to make sure the inside of the box was just as pretty as the outside so we decorated there too.  In case you can’t read my handwriting it says:


If you’re feeling down & blue

Here’s what you need to do:

Read a note from your crew!

We’ll stand by you tried & true,

Always there to see you through,

No matter what your boobies do!

Now it was time for food, drink and games.  As we mingled, Erin and I directed the girls to the other stations.  The next station was for the Word Game.  Each girl collected two bead necklaces to wear.  We used my old chalkboard platter to write down a list of forbidden words.  If you heard another guest using any of the words, you got to take one of her necklaces.  At the end of the party, the person with the most necklaces won.  In our haste, we forgot to take a picture of this station, so I jacked this from a friend!


It got a little violent towards the end, but they meant well!  I’m happy to report there were no injuries sustained.  Good thing because we were off the clock!  We were trying to get a picture of most of the group when the riot broke out over the word “boobies.”


The “Mad Lib” vignette was next.  In this game, you were to write down your name, the body part on the opposite sex you like the least, and the reason why.  Later we would read them out loud, replacing the written body part with the word “boobs.”  The funniest entry would win a prize.


It was quite revealing;  I found out most people hate boobs because they’re crusty, hairy, smelly, and because they hang off the body like tails.  Sounds like these girls need some soap, a razor, and a better bra.


Each of the prizes contained tons of candy, a Starbucks gift card, and a coffee coozie with a breast cancer awareness ribbon embroidered on it.  All good choices for the nurse in your life, ahem.  Sarah had some prizes too.  Lots of coworkers put together care packages that included jewelry, journals, devotionals, comfort food, blankets, Bath & Body Works stuff, robes, cards, and other “feel good” items.


All in all, the party was great and it was my “do something nice for someone else” resolution for the month of September as well as my “something new” resolution.  I’ve NEVER really celebrated a diagnosis before, and it felt really really good.  It was nice, for a change, to focus only on the good in a situation.

I know some of you have probably read these posts and still don’t get why we’re celebrating at a time like this.  And yeah, maybe it is a little weird but it just makes more sense to us to celebrate the power of knowledge and the gift of an early diagnosis than it would to succumb to the “what-ifs” and the anxiety those things cause.  We’re not saying we don’t worry at times, but we’re acknowledging that we want better for ourselves and our friend.  So, farewell!  TA TA to the ta-tas…and Boob Voyage!  Here’s to your health!

**Happy to report that our prayers were answered and Sarah is recovering!**


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