Monthly Archives: October 2013

I’m baaaack.


I’ve been on a little hiatus.  I think most people stay really busy in the summer months with vacations and things like that, but it’s just not the case for me.  My calendar really booms in the fall.  And that’s fine by me because Fall is my favorite (says every other white girl in the South).  I’ve been following my rock star husband around to his gigs, planning parties, enjoying other fall festivities like my family’s annual bonfire and barbeque for my dad’s birthday and visits from my out of state family, celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, testing my lung capacity at the Charlotte football games, and I’ve taken on a new job role at work.  And that’s just what’s come and gone!  I’m still looking forward to the Carolina Renaissance Festival, another trip to Nashville, Halloween, and a Pearl Jam concert just to name a few.

Here’s my blog break in photos!

Watching my husband’s band open for an incredible band at The Fillmore.  For those of you in the Charlotte, NC area…try to catch a show there, it is a really cool spot :).



Then one of my favorite people EVER turned 40.  I know, I know, she looks 29.  But I’ve seen her driver’s license and it’s legit.  So we celebrated that wild woman with a “Fierce, Fabulous, and 40” party!



Come a little closer…


Confetti with your name on it?  Don’t mind if I do!


Classic Amy!  Happy Birthday!


Then I went to a chicken stew and bonfire and rode hayrides like a kid.  I loved it!

And just an update, I have completed my resolutions for October, phew, and at the last minute too.  My something nice was throwing that birthday party.  And I’m excited to say my something new will be a concert I’ve waited to attend since I discovered rock music on the radio when I was 13.  The first song I ever heard on a “rock/alternative” station was “Why I’m Here” by Oleander.  And then I heard Pearl Jam and I was changed.   And I know it sounds silly, but those of you that love music understand.  I can listen to Pearl Jam when I’m happy, mad, sad, feeling creative, ANYTHING.  There’s nothing like that.  But as I got older I just thought I may never see them live, they’ve been around for ages and at some point you call it quits.  I’m thankful they haven’t, because I just may have a religious movement at this concert!  I can’t wait!

The best songs are the ones that make you feel something.”

Eddie Vedder

For your listening pleasure:


PS-There’s more to come in the upcoming days, so stay put!  I won’t take a break like that again!