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Pin this, not that.


Ok, Pinteresters!  I’ve tried a couple more pins and I’m gonna share one with you.  So around the beginning of 2013 I agreed to this Creative Pay it Forward pact that I’ve talked about a few times.  My former coworker was my 4th person and she loves a good scarf.  Being a scarf lovermyself, I could get down with this project.  A company called We are Owls makes tons of beautiful scarves.  For people like me, they’re a little unattainable, but nice to look at nonetheless.  I found something similar to this scarf on Pinterest, and one woman’s efforts to recreate on a realistic budget.  All you need is a scarf, a paint product and a message you find inspiring.  The pin suggested Tee Juice and I found it online in tons of colors and I went to World Market for a scarf.  Some people might find it cheesy but I absolutely love this quote by Wilferd Peterson, and I’m inspired by it:

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it…”


Unfortuately, there’s not much practice that can be done on this project unless you plan on ruining your clothes.  You’ve got one shot to make it right or mess it up.  And of course, nothing I make ever comes out perfect.  But sometimes that’s the beauty of a handmade gift, right?  I wish I had been able to “map it out” a little better because I started making the letters huge and I forgot how long the quote was.  Oops.  So the words get smaller and smaller, and the lines aren’t straight BUT when she wears it I’m not sure anyone will notice.  It’ll be pretty illegible at that point.  Ultimately, this pin is a good one, but the ability to practice would have been great.   Tee Juice is a great product too, and I would suggest it for similar projects.  Just make sure to use something behind the fabric because the paint does bleed.


Happy Pinning…and Happy Thanksgiving!


The Time is Now (Pt. 2)


So, my fellow 49ers, how do you feel looking back on our Inaugural Season?  It’s practically over, and we have no home games left this year.  I have a lot of mixed emotions.  I’m ecstatic but not even over the normal things like our stadium or our statistics.  I’m over the moon because it happened.  And then I feel a sense of loss because it’s over already.  I feel like I didn’t even have the chance to let it really sink in.  Maybe it never would have.  It’s still so unreal.  I had never experienced college football before August 2013, and I’ve learned a lot on the way.  College football isn’t like anything else I’ve ever known.  As 49ers, we’ve done a lot of things right but we’ve also got some work to do.

I love our niner pride.  It’s so awesome to see our flags fly high at the tailgate.  I enjoy the fellowship.  From the sharing of incredible tailgate spreads to the 1100 am toast, we got it right.  It’s nice to feel like you’ve got a bunch of new friends to enjoy the day with.  And it’s so inspiring to feel the emotion go through the crowd in front of the Normbulance as a new toast is delivered week after week.  I still laugh at the thought of the former 20 year old me… pretending to like Goldschlager.  Ironic, that now I must toast with it so much!

More than anything, I love our rowdy fans.  But dare I say, we aren’t rowdy enough when it counts.  Next season, stand up when we’re on defense and be quiet when we’re on offense!  At the beginning of the season…I did not know that.  I was just screaming my head off all the time: when I wanted a TD, when I wanted a good block, when I wanted lemonade, whatever.  Now, thanks to my friends and D, I know to be quiet when our team has the ball so they can concentrate on each other and getting their job done.  And remember, be respectful.  There was one point during a VERY close game that our fans were actually cheering when a member of the opposing team was injured.  And I had to drop my head in disappointment.  We’re better than that.  And we’re also better than leaving the game before the game is even over.  If you have the luxury of staying until the end, please do.  Your players, coaches, water boys, cheerleaders, dancers, announcers and other personnel deserve it.  Stay to the end, and let that be your thanks for a job well done, win or lose.  And current students, don’t take this moment for granted.  To you, maybe it’s just a game.  But I ask that you come to a tailgate, make new friends, and listen to the stories of those that really put their heart and soul into making this come to fruition.  It’s not just a game, it’s history.

I’ve made so many memories this season, I’m so thankful I could take part in all this madness.  I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past few months.


Our first 49er Football Tailgate Toast


The first player entrance of the season. The excitement was palpable.


My friend Jason, delivering his toast with a demonstration from a crowd member.


D giving a toast before the last home game.


Maybe they’ll cheer in the 2014 season?


Friends since 04. Now we’re all in the “old married folks” club.


My rowmates!




Picks up!


Me and D

I’m not so sure how you might feel.  Maybe you’re disappointed because it didn’t all turn out like you wanted or maybe you’re elated because it turned out better than you expected…but when push comes to shove I hope you’re focusing more on the reality of Charlotte 49ers football, for the rest of your life.  That feels pretty damn good.

The Witching Hour


Now that I have come down from pre-Halloween anticipation and the subsequent post-Halloween candy coma, I can tell ya all about my Halloween festivities.  I hope you guys all had a great holiday with your friends and family!  After my family’s annual October barbeque and my friend’s chicken stew, it was time to do a little entertaining of my own.  So I set out on my merry way planning a little pumpkin carving night before Halloween.  I invited a small group of friends over, pulled the picnic table out of storage, set up our lawn furniture, and broke the fire pit out of its box for the night.  And of course we prepared the quintessential Autumn foods: chili, apple cider and s’mores.  What’s not to love?!

If I had been on my A-Game I would have remembered to take a picture of the chili before it all got eaten, but I didn’t.  So you’ll just have to take it what it is and trust that the recipe must be good.  I mean, come on, it all got eaten!  Here’s how to make it yourself.  And don’t forget to garnish it with cheddar, sour cream and Fritos.  We like to take it back grade school cafeteria style and make Frito Pie! Update: I made it again and there’s a picture!

DSC_0015The night was perfect.  I made everyone listen to the new Pearl Jam album (as I was anxiously anticipating my concert experience) while we carved pumpkins, and D lit the fire for us.  After we finished carving we sat around the fire sipping cider, listening to music and making s’mores.

photo 1

Not too shabby!  Afterward, we walked down to the cul-de-sac to see the Griswolds and all of their holiday stuff.  Their house is lit up like an orange beacon of hope, and I bet you can see it via satellite.  That’s the joke anyway.  They had the same staples: the corpse bride, spiders, rats, goblin babies, you know, the usual.  They added more tombstones to their graveyard and a handmade motion sensitive electric chair complete with a ghoulish victim.  And while I may not be able to compete with that, there’s no shame in my game.  I’m a little more subtle?  Besides, it’s only a competition if I’m winning.



That’s plenty of flare for my little yard if ya ask me!  I probably waste a lot of energy since most of my decorations are inside because they only get seen by a select few.  Here’s our dining table:



If you take a closer look you will see that a lot of my “potion bottles” were really inspired by a popular Pinterest pin.  Lots of people paint the inside of mason jars as flower vases and what not.  But have you ever really looked at a liquor bottle and noticed all the intricate lines and curves and decorative parts?  They are perfect for this project.  I got some really awesome bottles from a local antique mall.  I poured various paint colors into the bottles and shook it all around, making sure to cover all surfaces and remove excess paint.  I let them air dry.  I used this stuff last year, and I think the heat in the attic caused some of the paint to crack and peel.  Kind of a happy accident because it actually makes them look cooler.  I also went thrifting and found tons of old books to use as “spellbooks” if you will.  I got lucky, I found books with names like: Snakecharmer, The Damnation Game, Birthright, Superstitious, and The Day of Confession.  Pretty mundane in store, but totally creepy in this setting.

And our china cabinet:



I also use a lot of my “around the house” decor for Halloween.  Taking candles from around the house, cake stands, and various jars and platters make things look a little more authentic I think…and a little less hokey.

Our foyer:



And the cutest candy bowl ever?  Direct from Cracker Barrel!  You never know what you’ll find, or where.  Side note: that incredible ginger jar is from Home Goods for a steal!  So proud of that find.

On Halloween night, our friends dressed up and came over to help pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  I don’t think the boys care much about that, but they do it to appease us.  Or maybe just me, because I’m a little obsessed with passing out candy.  But the boys did have their night made when a teeny Darth Vader and a Ninja Turtle made their way to our door.  I took one for the team and let the boys handle that.  Those kids probably got a disproportionately larger amount of candy than the other children!  My night was made when one little princess told me, “Lady, your house smells good.”  She ALSO got a disproportionately larger amount of candy.  Be still my heart.  Housewife win!

Afterwards, we hit up one of our favorite downtown haunts for grown up fun.  Oddly enough, there weren’t very many people dressed up.  What’s up with that?  Where’s the holiday spirit?!  Oh well, we still had a great time celebrating with our friends.


I’m a masquerade raven.


I could post a lot of other “better” pictures, but this is who we REALLY are.  You are welcome.


So Happy belated Halloween to you readers!  Hope you had fun!