Autumn Spice


Well I just can’t decide if it’s fall or winter, and North Carolina weather ain’t helping me.  And true to history, it has snowed already (so I was told, I slept through it) and people wore shorts the next day.  When the weather is not characteristic of the season I think it’s hard for people to embrace the holidays because it doesn’t feel like it should…outside.  At least that’s what they said, but I still saw plenty of Christmas trees go up before Thanksgiving even had a chance to come and go.  But fear not, I pressed forward through the adversity and did my house up for the holidays (all of them).  Fall is so beautiful and it’s my favorite so I never skip the chance to decorate for it.  I thought maybe I would share my decorations since I hate that people practically wish a holiday away in favor of another one.  Soak that time up, people!


D got those cute owls for me from Cracker Barrel of all places, and who doesn’t love some glitter-coated leaves to do the season up right?  That incredible wooden bowl was made by a friend of mine and I love how rustic it looks sitting on my blue table.  A little mood lighting by way of a pillar candle and a picture of my little family makes for the perfect foyer if ya ask me!  I feel like I’ve welcomed Fall in without being in your face about it.


I use these decorations every year with a few additions and tweaks.  I would have had wood slices and all if I hadn’t gotten excited about using my fire pit back around Halloween to roast marshmallows.  I burnt all I had to a crisp without realizing it.  Bummer.  I did add some pine cones this year and some deer antlers from my Daddy.  Maybe that’s weird but I love it!


That’s my front porch.  I got that little wheel barrow at Lowe’s Home Improvement for $20.  I love it!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  And if you had responsibilities that kept you from your loved ones on the holiday, I commend you on providing services to those that needed you.

Have a great week, ya’ll!


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