Put on your Party Pants!


Well, I’m posting to tell you I have survived our annual Christmas party.  D and I have parties on a pretty regular basis, but our Christmas party is my favorite…even over our birthdays.  Everyone seems to be in such a good mood and ready to celebrate with their friend-family, and our house is done up for the holiday.  Years ago, D and I committed to throwing a party at least once a year that was different than our other house parties.  It seemed liked the perfect time to give back so we decided to charge an “admission” to our holiday party.  We’ve chosen a different charity every year, and asked our friends to help us make a donation worth talking about.  While I know all donations are important no matter how big or small, it feels really great to all work towards something together.

Our first year we chose Operation Christmas Child and our friends put together 22 boxes full of goodies and all the checks it required to mail them across the world.  The next year, we donated to Toys for Tots.  Our friends were so generous that I had to have someone’s help getting everything out of my car and into a donation center.  It gives me warm fuzzies to think a child somewhere could be loving on the dolls and teddies we collected.  It’s important mentally and emotionally for a child to have something of comfort they want in what may be an unstable living environment.  But having what they need is critical too, so we chose the Second Harvest Food Bank as our charity for 2013.  Considering that 1/6 adults and 1/4 children in North Carolina face hunger and malnutrition, we knew we should help out.  And again, our friends came through in a major way.  My gosh, I love these people like family.


So there it is.  Together with our friends we collected: 92 cans, a box of macaroni, a box of cereal, peanut butter, oatmeal…and one Barbie.  As good as I try to be about communication, I led one of our guests to believe that we were collecting for toys in addition canned goods.  Not to be unprepared, he brought both.  Oops.  Thanks JOHN!  John plays guitar in the same band as D, and is an avid reader of the DLHW (can I do that?).  He has been telling me he wanted to contribute to the blog.  I didn’t know how serious he was or if he was joking but you gotta do something housewifey to be on this blog.  And if this ain’t housewifey, I don’t know what is!


John makes this awesome bean dip and he agreed to share it here with all of you.  It’s so dang good and he informed me that if I used Staci to mix my ingredients, my attempt at the dip would be perfect.  That’s right folks, this metal band guitarist knows all about Staci and discussed her by name without prompting.  HA!

I also decided to make hot chocolate for this little party.  My friend Michael asked, “How many packets of Swiss Miss did you have to open to make all this hot chocolate?”  The answer was zero because it was homemade…and delightful.  And not to ignore my theme this year, I picked up some navy and white paper straws to sip from.


I’ll take our donations today and turn them in and I hope it really helps somebody, somewhere.   As simple as it was, I have never collected or donated a canned good ever.  What was I thinking?! I hope everyone has fun this holiday with your friends and family, and if you can, try to remember people who are not as blessed as you.  Merry Christmas!


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