Winter Wonderland


Before D and I got married, I swore up and down on all things holy that I would never be one of those women that got all crazy at Christmas…changing the themes and color schemes year in and year out as trends came and went.  I have known people like that and I always thought they had some screws loose for succumbing to the hype and hassle.   If you peruse Pinterest like I do, you know it can be like Christmas Theme Cocaine.  It’s entirely addicting and you I could sit for hours looking at all the things people do for Christmas.  And that makes you want to be different every time your tree goes up.  Prepare yourselves, for I am a monster.

Here’s the part where I make a confession.  I have changed my Winter Wonderland every year.  Now before you full-on judge me, I reuse tons of stuff…I just tweak it a little each time.  But so help me, whatever I did this year, I wanted my decorations to be mostly things I already owned.  I was feeling ill about having enough holiday shit to be a real-life hoarder.  And I got to thinking, what about navy?  Wouldn’t that be pretty!?  I know this is awfully “First World Problem” of me but I nearly had a coronary trying to find navy ornaments and ribbon, and I wasn’t successful until about a week or so ago.  But I think it’s really pretty and I think I’m going to be able to have Christmas with my family in our house this year, so it’s really exciting.

So here’s what I’m working with this year:


That’s my little foyer table.  I used a hurricane, some antlers from my dad, pine cones, and the ever popular spray painted rubber band vase from Pinterest.  I’ve continued the scheme into the dining room.



And I’m crazy, and I like my wrapping paper and tags to match my color scheme.  So sue me.


Since I’m hosting Christmas for my side of the family for the first time in a few years, I wanted it to be special.  I used an early Christmas present from D, the Winter Wonderland Cricut cartridge, to make name tags for our guests.  If you’re wondering, those plates and bowls are from Anthropologie and we love them.  Unfortunately this style, Anatolia, is no longer available.  Placemats are from World Market, napkins from West Elm.



My centerpiece is a collection of different things.  Apothecary jars are from Homegoods, deer are from Dollar Tree (who knew?!), mirrored trees are from Target, and candles are mercury tealights and the rubber band vases repeated from the foyer, and the burlap runner is one I made and have used again and again.

Since I’m childless this holiday, get ready.  You’re about to get dog-pictured.



I mean, come on!!!!  You’re welcome.  Roscoe’s not so sure about the Christmas lights yet, he acts like he’s in trouble when I put them near him.  His picture is forthcoming, haha.

Merry Christmas guys and gals!  Have a safe holiday!


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