Christmas DIY


My job is kind of left-brained if ya ask me, but I’m not a totally left-brained person.  Creative projects give me an outlet and help me maintain some semblance of sanity.   So I guess it comes as no surprise that a lot of the things I do related to the holidays/special occasions are projects I want to tackle.  I figured I could share a couple of my holiday DIYs with you here.

Lanterns have become popular over the last year or so…and I lucked out and bought a couple at Homegoods for $12 each a few years back.  Love a deal!  They look great by themselves, but I figured they warranted some dressing up for the holiday.  I got lots of beaded picks and ribbon from a local craft store, rounded up some ornaments, found my garland from last year and went to work.


I layered the garland and picks in the bottom of the lantern to wrap around the pillar candle.  I attempted to make a pretty bow with gold and navy ribbon and tied it to the handle.  Then, I used raffia to string the ornaments up under the bow at various lengths.  I put some garland behind the bow too, just so things would look a little fuller.  Looks good, no?


And maybe you remember the Saucy Sauce Jar DIY from long ago?   Well, I’ve been saving the majority of them for Christmas gifts.  I really like to give handmade gifts, but its hard to do that in large quantities for the holidays.  Thankfully, I had done these so far in advance it worked out perfectly.  I picked up some typical holiday candy (peppermint bark, Hershey Kisses, and candy canes) and filled the jars with treats. 


I tied a bow with jute and adorned each jar with a paper reindeer I cut using the Winter Wonderland cartridge for the Cricut.  I think they came out kinda cute!  Plus, if the recipient wants, she can reuse the jar later for something else.


Hope you all had a safe holiday and blessings to you and yours in the new year!


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