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What did you call that?


In the spirit of the Super Bowl and all the glorious food there is to eat at those parties, I’m going to share a little comfort food recipe with you that’s sure to please the masses.  Every holiday, we visit D’s family and I know two things are going to happen: we’re going to have belly laughs with a handful of sweet people and I’m going to eat my weight in Booger Pudding.  Might not sound appetizing, but it is.  In fact, if it’s my holiday to work I always beg D to bring me Booger Pudding so as not to miss out on all the fun.  More than likely, you’ve had a variation of this dessert at some point in your life.  This is like a better version of the oreo & pudding layered dirt cake.  D’s Aunt Lisa makes it all the time, and even if we’ve run the holiday family gamut and I’m stuffed to my gills, there’s always room for Booger Pudding.  So here’s how ya make it!



1 box fudge brownie mix (prepared per directions on box, I like Ghirardelli Double Chocolate)

8 crushed Heath Bars

1 large tub of whipped topping

1 large box of instant Chocolate pudding (prepared per directions on box)


After preparing the brownies, let cool completely and crush them into pieces.  Put a layer of brownie crumbs in the trifle dish, topped with a layer of chocolate pudding, whipped topping, and Heath bits.  Continue to add layers in trifle dish until all ingredients are used, it should make 2-3 layers.  Serve chilled and enjoy.  So easy!



Resolution Pain


I don’t know about you, but this New Year’s resolution stuff has been a humbling experience so far.  Not quite as humbling as being reduced to tears while completing the initial fit test of Insanity…but humbling nonetheless.  Yeaaaaah, that happened.

D joined a gym and I felt pressured to take advantage of the “free guest” option of his membership.  Not because of anything he did, but for the simple fact that I didn’t know how to avoid the gym anymore.  It’s right down the road from our house, it was free for me, and I don’t always have something better to do.  So against my better judgement, I went.  And I was displeased at the thought of it.  I felt like I was on my way to Globo Gym or into battle.  I just knew there were going to be all these gladiators in there, sweating and hollering and staring at all the lesser ones (me) that shouldn’t set foot in their arena.

Thankfully, none of that stuff was true and overall, it hasn’t been that bad.  Although, there certainly have been some cringe worthy moments for me.  On day 1, I stepped on a treadmill and hit start.  In an attempt to increase the speed…I was changing the channels on the TVs.  What’s worse is I didn’t even know I was doing it until I got off that thing and D asked me what show I was trying to find.  Ugh.  I got on an ab machine and thought it was locked out because I couldn’t make it move.  I made D get on there and unlock it but as it turns out I was going in the wrong direction with the moving parts.  How ridiculous I must have looked.  But I’ve gone back since and I’ve actually gotten my own membership, and I’ve been able to do more in an hour than I’ve done in years.  I’m in pain but I’m proud.  And I’m watching people in the gym to find out how machines are supposed to be used before I make an ass of myself again.

As much as I didn’t want to,  I’m on the gym kick.  And yes I know…some people are so annoyed with people like me since we’re taking up all “their” machines being all “New Years Resolutiony” and all.  Thank god they’ve got willpower though, to hang tough for a few weeks when people like me fall off the wagon.  Or at least that’s what’s been said about a million times across social networking sites.  I noticed it before, and thought it was rude but I ignored it since it didn’t have anything to do with me.  But now, that makes me mad.  I didn’t want to post this for fear of offending someone but I decided I should share my feelings since everyone else seems to do the same with little regard for how it might make someone feel.  It’s not directed at anyone in particular but more of a generalized complaint.  Here goes nothing.

Newsflash: you’re in the wrong place if you think weight machines and treadmills belong to you just because you’ve shown a longer commitment or you’re in better shape.  Thing is, they’re everybody’s machines since we’re in public.  Feel free though, to kick me off the machines in your personal gym.  Dare I say, I think you have a social responsibility to let me use that machine and be happy I’m there trying to make the same commitment you have made.  And it wouldn’t hurt for you to know where the defibrillator is…just for posterity’s sake.

I’m no expert but I think there has to be some happy medium.  Yeah, I agree, you should get off your butt and do something on a regular basis.  Maybe you’re strict enough to pair your physical activity with a limited diet of kale smoothies, egg whites and other gross shit, but I am not.  But that doesn’t give you the right to judge me for eating birthday cake or pizza or convince yourself that I shouldn’t even be in the gym if I’m going to eat that stuff.  There’s no need to be cranky because you want that pizza too and you’re too proud to just admit right out there in the open that eating pizza is fine.  Much to my surprise, there’s a “free pizza day” at my new gym.  I didn’t know what to think of it at first.  At the time it seemed counter-intuitive to put that temptation right in the face of a determined gym-goers.  Then I thought it was actually kind of nice.  It’s nice that they are acknowledging that you can be committed to your health and still have pizza on occasion.  They’re saying, “Hey, we know you eat pizza when you’re not here!”  And I know it probably sounds weird to those of you reading but at least you were at the gym working out and making an effort when you ate the pizza versus sitting at home watching TV and ordering for delivery.  At least you kind of earned it?

Please, don’t be sizing people up in the gym.  Don’t be looking at the weight I’m pushing and criticize me for it.  That shit is CRUSHING me and you could kill my frail little spirit so easily (and I think you know that).  Whatever you’re able to do, that’s great.  Whatever you’re working to achieve…go ahead friend!  In my case, I would love to feel better about myself and enjoy my health.  But I think even more than that I’m hoping for stress relief.   If I found a way to physically rid myself of some burdens then a lot of other things would fall into place.  So before you write me off based on your standards and goals for gym going…try to consider that maybe I’m not aiming for the same things you are.  Our measures for success might not even be similar.

We all have to start somewhere and think before you judge someone that may not be in as great of shape as you.  At some point in your life, YOU were the one in someone’s way at the gym.  You have no idea what battles strangers in the gym face.  Maybe I have a thyroid problem and I’m on medication that makes it nearly impossible for me to lose weight.  Maybe I’m a stay-at-home mother of four and now that all of my children are in school,  I have a few unclaimed hours for the first time in 8 years to take care of myself.  Maybe I’m somebody that’s been on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between at different times of my life.  Perhaps I’ve been out of shape and overweight, and I’ve been in incredible shape, and I’ve been beaten down from a lengthy eating disorder that still haunts me everyday.  Maybe I’ve been so scared of failing that its kept me out of the gym for far longer than I intended.  You never know, so think before you open your big ole’ mouth.  Your negative attitude can be detrimental.

But conversely, thank you to those of you that have been in the gym for a long time and show us newbies that what we want can be done.  We see you, and even if we try to pretend you aren’t there because we know we’re not worthy, we see you.  You make it not so painful to show up when there’s a million other things we would rather be doing.  And even if you aren’t aware, you’re silently encouraging us all and inspiring better health.  Kudos to you!

Hope you all are still on the wagon, whatever your resolutions were.  Best of luck for continued success.

Guest Bedroom Paintings


I need a lot of projects in this little life of mine but sometimes I think I come up with new projects just to distract me from the more daunting projects I need to complete.  Does that make sense?  Sometimes you’re all gung ho with grand plans in the beginning but then you quickly discover maybe it requires more than you’re capable of?

I started my guest bedroom overhaul more than a year ago but I have stalled out since.  I found the bedding, sheets, curtains and all those decorative pretty things but when it comes to actually doing work I haven’t found much motivation.  The projects I aim to complete take a lot of skill and I’m not sure I’m ready.  For example, I got this awesome wingback chair and this incredible fabric that just spoke to my doggone soul.  I enlisted the help of a friend and we spent more hours than I’m willing to admit pulling out upholstery staples.  And that’s pretty much where I am right now.  I’ve got a naked wingback taking up space and this expensive fabric I’m too afraid to cut for fear of messing it up.  Then I bought a beautiful emerald green quilt with the hopes of making an upholstered headboard with nailhead trim.  And that’s pretty much where I am right now, with a quilt and nothing more.

My motivation has also suffered because when I have put forth effort, it didn’t turn out like I wanted.  I wanted dark gray walls and it turned out wrong.  I wanted colorful lampshades but they’re competing with my colorful bedding and they’ve turned out wrong too.  Ugh.  So that will have to be corrected.  I found a blog that gave some really pretty examples of bedside table styling though, I went to work on a “distraction project.”  I have finished one of the art pieces, and I think I’m happy with it.


I found a picture of a rose I liked and had D draw it for me on this canvas.  I found the most perfect set of watercolors and started painting.


I haven’t painted in a month of Sundays and I think you can tell.  I also think you can tell I did it at 4AM when I wasn’t able to sleep but, whatever.  I’m not unhappy with it for a first time effort.  Inspired by Pinterest, I used puff paint to cover the pencil marks and make it look a little different.  And here’s how it turned out:


Happy Homemaking to you, and keep your fingers crossed that I can find the motivation to keep it moving!

Here’s to 2014


Happy New Year guys!  I hope you had a great time celebrating the start of the year ahead with some of your favorite people.  I know I did, but I’ve only got the greatest set of friends on the planet.  I’m really looking forward to 2014 but this year has huge shoes to fill if it’s going to top 2013.  I have so many special memories to look back on!

I’ve done so many things I never thought I would do.  I ziplined, I attended my first college football game, I made it a point to pay it forward, and I took a different promotion at work in the hopes of growing as a person, peer, and nurse.  So many things I tried were completely out of my comfort zone, like this blog for example.  I was afraid nobody would read my blog.  I was afraid people would read my blog and hate the shit out of it.  I was afraid people would think I was an ass for expecting them to read it.  And then I was like, DUH, I want people to read it, and of course people think I want them to read it.  Otherwise I would be writing in a diary.  Hellooooooo.

But you guys have surprised me, by taking any interest in this blawg at all.  Some of you are tried and true friends, some of you are new friends trying to figure me out, some of you are strangers.  Whoever you are, I thank you for reading and I hope you’ll keep coming back in 2014.  I also have to thank you for helping me keep up with my New Year’s Resolutions.  Since I posted it all on the blog, I  assumed someone would know if I couldn’t complete my resolution and I was held accountable.

So just to recap the past year I did something for someone else and something I’ve never done at least once a month.  Here’s what it looked like:

January:  I took my first solitary road trip & I made a memory box for a new nurse and old friend

February:  I first experience with sushi &  I made a  batch of cupcakes for Valentine’s Day to show my coworkers how much I love them

March:  I went on my first zipline tour & I helped make breakfast for my bride-friend and fellow maids on the big day

April:  I tried a new recipe once a week & I donated all my old bridesmaid/prom dresses

May:  I played the Powerball lottery (and lost) & I sponsored a friend in her megatriathalon

June: I painted pottery for the first time & I bought a cookbook as a Creative Pay it Forward gift

July:  I tried on (and bought) my first pair of cowboy boots & I found an obscure concert T-Shirt for D

August:  I had my first experience at a tattoo shop & I gifted a tattoo to my friend for a job well done

September: For the first time ever, I celebrated a cancer diagnosis & I threw a party for my coworkers and friend

October:  I attended my first Pearl Jam concert & I helped throw a 40th birthday party for a friend

November: I actually worked up the courage to karaoke & I made a scarf for a friend’s Creative Pay it Forward Gift

December:  I made my first donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank & I helped throw a party for a friend’s 30th.

I’m hoping for Resolution Success in 2014 too.  This year, I want to focus on taking care of myself…physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I’m really lucky that I am healthy and well, but that’s fleeting…and I know it.  I figured I need to start trying to maintain what I’ve been blessed with.  Now this isn’t your typical, “I’m going to join a gym and I’m gonna lose weight!!” kind of resolution so don’t misunderstand me.  Although D has joined a gym and I plan to go with him and I’m not thrilled about it.  This is a, “go get your eyes checked-use the massage voucher you got two years ago on your birthday-drink more water-run in your running shoes-slow down and smell the roses-don’t fill every second of your life with something to do” kind of resolution.  Wish me luck!  I hope you too, are successful in obtaining your goals for 2014.  Happy New Year!