I’m Kristen.  I’m 28 years young.  I’m from a tiny little town in North Carolina.  As a teenager I was desperate to venture out of said town and “find myself.”  I went to Charlotte and studied to be a nurse.  I met amazing people: mentors, lifelong friends, and D.  I realized small town living wasn’t so bad after all.  While I do enjoy some of the finer things in life, city living just wasn’t for me.  I found that the finer things were closer to home.  I landed my dream job working in Oncology, bought my first home close to family and old friends and built a life with my college sweetheart.  We got married in the Fall of 2010 and we’ve got two second chance puppies.  Roscoe and Bella Louise are our only children, for now. Along with some of our closest friends, we’re making the most of our 20’s without kids.  I love to decorate until my bank account suffers, craft in my free time, listen to live music, spend time in Charlotte with our college friends, and drink margaritas with my girls.  These days I’m working hard at home and at work to be what I consider a revamped Martha Stewart.  I want it all: a career, a social life, a marriage and a happy home.  This blog will document the trials and tribulations.  Buckle up!



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