I have lots of hobbies that I suppose could have been lucrative or worthy of a career.  But my hobbies wouldn’t have been rewarding as my life work.

In the past, it seemed like any time I was on an Oncology unit with family there was never a harsh word to be said about the staff providing the care.  And I thought, man wouldn’t that be nice to work with people that upheld such standards?  I just figured that if you battle cancer and you live to tell of it and the amazing nursing staff at the hospital you went to, then they must be doing something right.  And if the end results of the battle are everything you feared and your family continues to tell others about the amazing staff and the care provided, then that’s something really spectacular.

I work as a manager of sorts on an Inpatient Oncology and Hematology unit.  And I’m a “Lady of the Evening” as I like to call it, because I work night shift.  So maybe that will explain my early morning posts while you regular people are all cozied up in bed like you should be.  Anyway, I have worked in Oncology since I graduated from college.  Day to day I try to share a laugh with a patient that might want it, a shoulder to cry on if they need it, end-of-life care to my patients and their loving families, and lifesaving treatments.

I am Chemotherapy & Biotherapy certified, which means I sling chemo all the time.  I love it, there’s always something new to learn, and things are always changing.  I’m also an Oncology Certified Nurse which means I took a scary test, and thank the good Lord above, I passed.  One of my goals in my nursing career is to have more letters BEHIND my name than IN my name.  We’ll see.

I am going to get my Master’s Degree someday too.  I cry at every Master’s ceremony I’ve ever attended.  That’s a huge accomplishment and I want that for myself.  And when I get there, and I earn my hood,  I will cry.  I will cry that I did it with the help of countless people.  It’ll be a celebration for me for making it when there were times that I didn’t even think I was going to be a nurse.  It will be a moment of glory for my husband too, as he has been with me through every step of my college life, job interviews, and my successes and failures as a nurse.  It will be a moment that I turn to my parents and thank them for all the rules I had to follow as a child and teenager.  I’m sure when they were fighting with me about being in clubs, participating in sports, having a job, being on the Honor Roll, and abiding by my curfew…it probably seemed like a thankless job.  And it probably would have been easier to give me my way.  But no doubt that’s surely what shaped my dedication and forward movement.  And I’ll thank my mentors for being the kind of women and nurses that I strive to be. I’ll turn to my “ride or die homies” and acknowledge them for being the friends I needed when I had mental breakdowns, irrational moments, and required long, tearful phone calls that would have driven normal people to binge drinking.  There’s always an opportunity to do more and be better, so I’m going to attempt to make the most of my nursing career.   


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