Panty Wreath:

Wrap a grapevine wreath, or any wreath, with garland of your choice.  Underwear affixed with three safety pins, pinned to the garland.  2 champagne glasses from Dollar Tree hot glued together by their stems.  Wrap glued area with ribbon so that the glue is no longer exposed and tie a ribbon in a bow around it.  Use floral wire to “tie” the champagne flutes to the grapevine wreath (under the garland for security).


Polka Dot Feature Wall

Pick out all kinds of patterned solid and glitter (hello!) scrapbook papers and make sure they coordinate with each other and your theme.  Don’t overthink it though!  We chose to trace plates, bowls and cups to maximize the use and minimize the waste of paper.


Spread your dots out so you can see what you have and it will be easier to disperse the patterns on the wall evenly.  Use tap to put the dots on the wall in a fun pattern.  We chose a wave of dots, although scattered is fun too!



Lingerie Sugar Cookies

follow this link for the recipe!


The Panty Line game

Each party-goer purchases a pair of panties to pin to the “panty line.” If you want, you can place an anonymous “clue” card on your pair of panties to give the bride a little help.  Based on the note and panties the bride must guess who brought which addition to the panty line.



Decoration Ideas:

If your friend isn’t the GNO type:

We made a little counter vignette because we ain’t about to miss an opportunity to decorate.  We “framed” the bachelorette party invitation with pink cardstock paper and pretty gold metallic ribbon and placed it on a photo easel.  We used a plain metal platter with chalkboard paint and wrote messages with Chalkboard Markers (from AC Moore).  We used a small apothecary jar to hold faux moss stones that we repeat on the dinner table.  We also used the same mercury glass tealights and roses from the table as well.


We used bone china and cloth napkins because you have to dress it up, this is a once in a lifetime date!  We used wood slices and faux moss stones for a rustic tablescape.  We bought burlap from the fabric store and made a simple runner.  Mercury glass tealights gave us some mood lighting.  We’re fancy and shit.



If your friend IS the GNO type:

 We kept the invitation, chalkboard platter, flower and tealights.  But we sassed it up and filled the jar with pink glitter tissue paper.  And you can never go wrong with Mardi Gras beads.  Ever.


We used more apothecary jars filled with the same glittery pink tissue paper and strategically placed Mardi Gras beads.  Those pink roses were too pretty not to use again, so we laced beads through the blooms as well.



Be mindful that if you are having a GNO, your friends may need some snacks to hold them over until dinner, and to ensure a good night…and morning.


Mugshots Tell No Lies!

Our bride-to-be had posted on Pinterest months before her party that she wanted mugshots of each girl and herself before and after the big night out.  Done and done.  But I ain’t posting the after…unless I get permission!  But it was a funny thing to see when all was said and done.



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