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Tattoos, Tea Parties and MORE!


Hey to all you new followers out there, so glad you decided to join in on this little piece of my world!  So happy to have you :).  So, what’s been going on in my neck of the woods for the last bit?  It’s been busy and fun, so I’m gonna give you lots of pictures this post too!  For starters, I finally made it to the Lazy 5 Ranch, the local “drive-thru zoo,” if ya will.  If you haven’t been then you must go, and take me.






“You come here often?”

Then, I went to the finest bridal shower ever…a TEA PARTY for Jenni-Pho with my girlfrands!  It was beautiful!  A wicked windstorm came out of nowhere (thank you North Carolina!) and made us pack up early, but we still had a blast.





I had a major craft session/sleep over with my friend Katie.  I sassed up my kitchen and gave a naked wall that’s been bothering me a little something to say.  I would post a tutorial but I feel like you guys know how to trace, cut and glue ;).


Basically, that took me twenty minutes so it left plenty of time for me to micromanage Katie as she tried her hand at the Scrapbooked Frame.  Awesome results!  This is for the new niece or nephew she’s expecting in the months to come!


She also dropped off my cookie jar I painted many moons ago and I love it!  Now I just gotta make some cookies!


Soooo, while I’ve been sprinklin’ glitter and playin’ with my pretty papers…my friend, Jenn, has been preparing for war.  Okay, not war, but a long-fought battle to become an IRONMAN.  She blogs about it too: the charity, the training, and the motivation to do tha damn thang.  She’s pretty spectacular, but she didn’t have to swim 2.4, bike 112, and run 26.2 miles to prove it to me!


I’m so proud of her and I wanted to pay a little respect and talk about how we celebrated!  She had been talking about how eager she would be to get her M-Dot tattoo after the race, the official signature of an IRONMAN.  So with help from Jason, her husband, D and I made a secret appointment with her tattoo artist.  Coincidentally, I had made the perfect Sauce Jar without even knowing it.  I love it when a plan comes together!


A VT Maroon-colored lid to honor her Alma Mater and charity, a cute knob with a vintage bike printed on it, atop a jar filled with candy and her appointment card tied to the rim.  Surprise!  We’re takin’ you to get your tattoo!!!!


I killed two birds with one stone here in fulfilling my New Year’s Resolutions for August.  The tattoo surprise is my “something nice” for the month as well as my “something new” as I had never even stepped foot in a tattoo shop before.  It was a good first experience, didn’t hurt me one bit!


We contemplated a table full of options and little by little she narrowed her choice down to this fine number:


And this is how it turned out…awesome tattoo.



I hope yall have a fantastic weekend.  The Charlotte 49ers are about to make history and we’ve got front row seats.  Talk soon!


Goodbye July!


This month has been off the chain.  Between meetings, rock shows, home improvements, trying to maintain my resolutions, changes at work, and a long weekend vacation…I’m beat.  So maybe this won’t be a big fat post.  Maybe it will be mostly pictures.  I talk a lot, so we shall see.

I am happy to report I’ve maintained my resolutions for July!  On the way back from one of his shows:





D and I were talking about concerts.  Pearl Jam is my absolute favorite and it’s been my dream to see them live.  Its been on my bucket list for years, not knowing if it would ever come to pass since they tour infrequently.  BUT we had found out that day that they are coming to Charlotte soon and we bought our tickets as soon as they went up.  That led us to talk about Aerosmith, one of his favorites, and about their concert he went to as a freshman in high school.  He got this awesome concert shirt and he was explaining what it looked like and how bummed he was because it’s been gone for years and he has no idea what ever happened to it.  And that was it.  I figured out how old D was back then, what year the concert had to have been in, what the tour name was, and started digging online for concert shirts from the “Nothing Can Stop this Rock” tour.  I found the olive colored shirt, with the tour dates on the back, the eagle smoking a cigarette on the front surrounded by the Air Force-esque emblem for the Aero Force One fan club.  An awesome vintage shop in the United Kingdom shipped it to me for D’s “just because” surprise.  He was really happy and that put a smile on my face.  There’s my something nice for July.

I also made a trip back to Nashville, this time with D and no snowmageddon.  We had a great weekend!  Here’s what we did, most of which I had never done before so there’s part two of my resolutions fulfilled.  Here we go!

We drove down Thursday so we could go for a morning tour of Noble Springs Goat Farm Friday morning!

We saw lots of chickens!

Never touched a gullet before, but there’s a first time for everything I guess.  Weird.

Spent some time with the boy goats first.  They love the ladies!

That fella loves ladies so much he tried to eat my hair!

Here are three of my best friends with the ladies of Noble Springs!

There’s just a whole lot of lovin’ and bitin’ going on in this picture.  HA!

She was posing all sweet, I love her 🙂

This is Charlie the Barn Cat and he loved all the attention!

On the way back home from the farm we passed this barn.  I totally whined until we turned the car back around.  Who knew such beautiful things were tucked away in the hills of Franklin, Tennessee?  It took my breath away, too bad this photograph does its beauty no justice!

We stopped by The Loveless Cafe for a late lunch before heading back to prepare for the evening’s festivities.


We went out on the town for a night of fun at THE Bluebird Cafe.  Keep your hand down if you didn’t know about this place until the show, Nashville, made it’s debut.  Legendary performers step foot on that tiny stage every day.

Don Schlitz giving me chills singing some of my old school favorites.  Who would have known?!    Everyone should experience this place.

Then we went into the heart of downtown Nashville to see the neons of Broadway on a fun Friday night.


Having fun out on the town…


Belly laughin’ with our friends!


Then we made new friends!




Then I had a pepper spray malfunction and Jessica and I suffered the consequences.  Oops.  I can tell you this, I never wanna get pepper sprayed on purpose!  But no worries, we survived!

After brunch Saturday morning, Jess and I shopped while the boys caught some live music on Broadway.  We met up for an awesome dinner at Chuy’s.  So cool!




Then D photobombed my picture.  And I gave him a typical, “cut that out” face.


The boys had a proposition for us and explained at dinner that they wanted to go back downtown and buy some new boots since they were on sale.  How often do your menfolk ask you to go shoe shopping?  They twisted my arm, and to the boot store we went!  Here we are afterwards, pleased with our purchases!


If you’ve never been to Nashville, Tennessee you should consider it.  It’s a great town!  Hope you all have a great week!

Hello, July. I’ve been waiting for you.


I hope you all have had a great weekend.  Mine has been hectic, but not in my regular busy way.  I want to take a whole different direction for just a moment: separate from the crafty, recipe-filled norm.   My family lost a very dear woman early Friday morning.  My great-grandmother, Marjorie, was 92 years old and was as sweet as sugar.  Luckily, she was in the hospital where I spend half my days.  Tireless care was given to her by my friends/nurses that work on our sister unit and I am so thankful.  At various points in my shifts last week I would steal away to check on her.  Before the end of my shift early Thursday morning I made one last visit to her before I went home to sleep.  A nurse I knew had cared for her all night, and she told me Grandma Margie had been largely unresponsive and had some significant changes in her condition, changes that I knew were impending but still upsetting.  Her course was very clear to me, given the incidents that led to her hospitalization and my nursing background.  But still, that stung to hear.  I deliver that news to people every day.  And while I cherish my patients and their families, and I know how difficult death and dying can be even when you’re braced for the hard days ahead, it’s SO easy to forget just how that information feels to receive.  It’s a blow to the chest.  And my heart ached for her when I entered her room and witnessed the changes myself.  I took a seat, not wanting to disturb her sleep.  I felt like crying, and I felt the lump in my throat signaling that an all out breakdown could overcome me if I allowed it.  She wasn’t moving much, but she was moving just enough for me to feel like talking to her was the best thing for me to do.  Even if she didn’t respond, I knew she would hear me.  So I got up, held her little hand in mine and told her who I was.  She didn’t open her eyes, but her eyelids were twitching and moving so much at the sound of my voice.  I know she recognized me.  While that sign was a good one…I didn’t expect much more.  I told her I loved her, and oddly enough she broke a nearly 12 hour silence to say, “I love you too.”  My heart skipped a beat.  Stuff like that feels really spiritual to me, and those four words were let me know she was ready and willing.  Just like any wonderful grandmother would, she gave me exactly what I needed, she was looking out for me even in the end.  Those were the last words we spoke to each other before she passed.  Grandma Margie was beautiful and kind, and always made it a point to tell you she loved you (we should take a page from her book).  Today, we will lay her to rest and I’m so at peace, and she gave me that.  I wish that for the rest of my family in the days ahead.

On a happier note, I feel like I should report to you that I completed my “something new” resolution for June.  My frand Katie and I went on a pottery painting adventure.  We visited this cool place near her house called The Art Studio.  They had so many different options for our projects.  Katie decided on a plate display for an empty wall in her house and I chose a cookie jar, since mine was dropped by someone else last year.  Pfffttt.


Here we go!

Katie used ikat patterns to inspire her work and I attempted to draw from those vibrant asymmetrical Aztec patterns.  The first stroke was definitely the hardest but we prevailed out of necessity.  At first it was fun and we were really excited.  Then we hit a low point of frustration…about 4 hours in with no end in sight.  None of the people we started the day with were still there.  It takes forever because in order to get bright, solid colors you have to paint every stroke THREE TIMES!  So basically if you ask me and before you judge us for our slow progress, I painted three cookie jars and Katie painted 12 plates.  If you ask me.


Drawing and redrawing and erasing. Like a boss.


Is that a tear?

All I have to say is this craft takes a lot of skill, precision, patience, and Mountain Dew.  Nine hours later we finished our masterpieces.  Thank heavens, since the place was closing in minutes!  Even now, it’s hard to imagine how things will look: the paint is chalky and pale in color before firing, and pencil markings have to burn off in the kiln.  We are incredibly hopeful though, I don’t think we can stomach the thought of 9 hours with nothing we want to show for it.  We get to pick them up in a week’s time. Stay tuned for an update.



Fingers crossed!

We tried all kinds of things this day, including a new recipe.  I pinned this Chicken in Basil Cream recipe just days before, and Katie and her husband were down to try it out.  Success!  It was delicious.  I’ve added it here with a couple of alterations I think might be necessary.


Here are the prospective ingredients. All but the eggs. Housewife Win-we realized the recipe didn’t call for eggs before incorporating them!

Chicken in Basil Cream

1/4 cup Milk

1 cup Dry bread crumbs

1 pound Boneless skinless chicken breast; 4 halves

3 tablespoon Butter

1/2 cup Chicken broth

1 cup Heavy cream

1 can (4 oz)Pimento; sliced with juices

1/4 cup Basil; fresh, minced

1/2 cup Parmesan; shredded

1/8 teaspoon Pepper


Heat skillet over medium high heat. Place milk and bread crumbs in separate shallow bowls. Dip chicken in milk, and then coat with crumbs. Add chicken to skillet with 1/2 of the butter about 5 min. Add remaining butter flip chicken and cook another 5 min till chicken is cooked. Remove and keep warm. Add broth to skillet bring to boil over medium heat to remove fond. Stir in cream, and pimento; boil and stir for 1 min. Reduce heat, add parmesan cheese, basil and pepper; cook and stir until heated through. Serve chicken with sauce poured over.

Hope you all have a great week and have fun celebrating the 4th with your friends and families.  Be careful out there, party people!

Creativity is Messy & I am Very Creative.


Let me make a little secret public.  My guest bedroom door is always closed and not to keep the room pristine for a future guest.  Heaven knows I would love for you to believe you could eat off my floors, and that my toilet is always clean, and not a speck of dust hides in any nook or cranny of my house.  But I must confess, most of that is untrue 😉 and that closed bedroom door hides a big fat mess.  Fabric, empty picture frames, scrapbook papers, glitter, ribbons, paint, and every project that I have in progress.  Everything creative lands there until I get time to do what I love.  If you saw it you might think I was awfully hypocritical for harping at D all the time to clean up after himself.  If you saw it, that is.

You will not.

So what have I been up to?  For June I’ve already made good on my “something nice” resolution and cleaned up one small portion of the room in the process.  One guy signed up to be one of my Creative-Pay-It-Forward gift recipients and I couldn’t let a good opportunity to craft for a dude pass me by.  Not all guys would care or appreciate a handmade anything, but I think that’s because most of you boys ain’t in touch with your sensitive side.  Shame on you!  Brandon is very special to me, and he’s been around about as long as D has.  Brandon, Lauren (his wife), D and I dated at the same time and we did all kinds of stuff together (and still do).  And because the boys were so close, it kinda felt like we were a “friend family” which made Brandon my boyfriend-in-law/husband-in-law.  Very complicated I know, but they are the forever kind of friends.  Brandon has gotten into homemade salsa and makes all kinds of flavorings.  At their Super Bowl Party, his salsa concoctions lined the table and people couldn’t get enough!  So I thought, shouldn’t he have an awesome chip & dip bowl to work with?  Yes, he should.  I found a ceramic dish at Target and got to work.  I used chalkboard paint from another project and painted the whole thing.  Turned out pretty awesome!?  Now when someone throws a party he can use that bowl to tell what the salsa is, or (let’s be honest here) to write inappropriate phrases for his friends to enjoy.


But have bad news to break.  I was surfing Pinterest one night and found out that chalkboard is not a safe serving surface.  Awshitaw.  I had painted that bowl forever ago, and there was no fixing that.  BUT I think that all you would need is a small container for the salsa sit in, inside the dip portion of the dish and you would be fine.  That’s what we decided anyway.  Kind of a Housewife Fail there, but not all the way.  He was happy, I think?!

And Mother Nature paid a visit by way of a wicked Thunderstorm last week.  It knocked the power out for a number of hours, leaving me disconnected from the things that rot my brain: TV namely, and the internet.  So I opened up the guest bedroom to find a project to initiate.  I made that burlap wreath for my mom weeks ago, and I dreaded the thought of making my own.  But there the stuff sat, right where I left it, begging to be used.  So I got to work and by the time the power came on I was ready for some glue gun action to complete it.  It came out perfect!  I love it!


I hope you all have a great week!  Check back soon for some more adventures into home decor and crafting.  I have tons of cool projects in the works.  And Happy Birthday to my husbing, D!!  Love you!

Maintaining Resolutions


So I explained a few posts ago- I am actually excited to have New Year’s Resolutions and I plan to maintain them or die trying!  I’ve managed to do something new & something nice for someone else at least once a month.  To recap:

January:  I drove my first roadtrip alone AND I made and delivered Sarah’s “Creative Pay it Forward” gift.

February: I tried Sushi AND I made Valentine’s Day cupcakes for my coworkers and D’s coworkers.  Wife of the Year?  No?  Okay….

March:  I took my first Zipline Tour AND I prepared breakfast for the maids in Katie’s wedding.  I made sausage rolls and brought soft drinks, OJ, fruit, yogurt, etc (although all we did was drink Mimosas and eat sausage rolls!).

I selected my activities for the month of April (good thing since it’s like, half over.)

I’m choosing a brand new recipe at least once a week in an attempt to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  I’m butchering Pinterest recipes left and right.  Let’s be for real, half that shit does not turn out the way the picture appears.  First up was the ever popular Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken.  There are two primary recipes floating around:

This: 1 cup pineapple juice, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, 1.3 cup soy sauce, 2 pounds of thawed chicken breast tenderloins all in the crock for 6-8 hrs.


That:  4-6 chicken breasts, 16.5 oz crushed pineapple, 16.5 oz Hawaiian Barbecue sauce from Archer Farms (Target brand) all in the crock for 6 hrs.

I chose the first so I could be a little more authentic and not take a short cut with a pre-made sauce.  I wanted the satisfaction of actually “doing it myself” and all.  Fail.  My Hawaiian sauce was more like a marinade and it never thickened up.  The flavor was good, but the end result was not what I thought.  I found two other dinner recipes to try:  These Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps and a Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken with rice, veggies and white sauce (fat kid over here, hello).  And then my Grandma’s well-loved blueberry coffeecake.  If any of you fine folks has a fool-proof recipe suggestion, I would be appreciative.
For my something nice I’ve decided to finally part ways with all 27 of my bridesmaid’s dresses and my old prom dresses.  Joking, there’s only 6 here.   I had all these fine intentions of having them altered to become fabulous new dresses that I could “wear again” but I realize now that THAT is a pipe dream.  I’m donating them to a local organization that collects evening dresses for girls that need help making their prom dreams come true.  Have at it honey!  I know I’ve made lots of memories in those dresses, I hope the next owner does too.

Marching Right Along


So I have realized that maintaining a blog is harder than I thought it would be.  All the typing, proofing, posting, REproofing when you find errors, compulsively checking to see if anyone visited my silly little page, taking pictures of everything so people will know what the heck I’m rambling about.  I have found myself more obsessed with typing up a post than acknowledging that there was not one square of toilet paper left in this house.  I have spent ungodly amounts of energy trying to find the right picture for a post while my bathroom sat in such disarray that it rivaled the inside of an all boys bathroom in a freshman dorm.  I’m squinching my face in disgust just thinking about it.  HOUSEWIFE FAIL.  I ain’t proud….but at least I’m honest.  March has come and gone.

I’m also finding it hard to keep up my New Year’s Resolutions.  Pretty lame since it is only April, but I have managed to try something new for March.  My friend Kristen suggested a Zipline tour, and I was super excited to go.  If you live in North Cackalack I suggest visiting these fine folks.  Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour was awesome, our guides were funny and patient (considering that I zipline like I drive-go fast and brake late), and their dogs followed us through the woods for two solid hours until our tour was over.  Cuuuuuuuute.


Kristen and Drew before the tour


So excited!


There she goes!


Drew coming across the ravine


K1 and K2


Preparing to jump off the ledge…backwards!


Backwards leap of faith off the railing to get me to my next stop 1000 yards away!


Bear with her Uno card she found in the woods. It was a SKIP TWO if you’re wondering.


Sweet Roxanne

I entertained D’s bandmates while they recorded their original music and cooked a mid-morning breakfast feast all together.  If they ever make it big, I’ll remember stuff like that: screaming when you’re hit with bacon grease, fighting over the 1st waffle, and making a big fat mess at 2am because we’re young and we can.  I’ve also entertained the Norovirus which may or may not have been the worst week of my life.  Onto something more pleasant…

Weddings!  I love them and I am over the moon excited when I get to be IN them.  My girl, Katie, tied the knot over the weekend.  We had a beautiful bridesmaid brunch on Friday morning, and all the girls got to spend the whole day together before we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner where we stuffed our faces that evening.


Beautiful Friday morning with fabulous women, amazing food, and a perfect setting.


Love him!


Last single kiss!

We spent the night together in a hotel and got up far too early on Weddingday morning 🙂  Our breakfast was interrupted by the shrill screeching of fire alarms.  Is it bad that I never take fire alarms seriously?!  When you’re familiar with hospital culture it just becomes “one of those things” that you don’t have to really DO anything about.  You roll your eyes, close all doors, inform your patients that it’s not an issue, clear the halls, and go about your business.  I’m totally desensitized, and Katie would be normally since she’s in the same boat as me.  But not on your wedding day.  Her face dropped, we filed out of the building and she stood in the parking lot with her hands over her mouth in disbelief.  We were on a tight schedule, and the thought of our hotel going up in flames really had our bride worried.   The sweetest lady must have overheard our ineffective reassurance efforts.  She walked over to Katie and simply stated, “Don’t be worried, everything is fine.  Today is my seventeenth wedding anniversary.  SOMETHING is going to go wrong today, just let this be the thing that goes wrong and have a beautiful day.”  Done and done.  We were allowed back inside and we got to work.  We were pampered with hair and makeup, we drank champagne, and pranced around in our robes while the bellhop packed our things.  I’ve decided that is something every girl should enjoy.  It’s totally not my thing; I’ve never had someone do that for me but it was perfect.







Best Frand!

We gave Katie one last gift before she walked down the aisle.  Katie is crafty and so are the rest of us so it was only appropriate to present her with a little handmade something.  I’ll post a how-to page later right now!


We added a personal message on the back and placed a picture of all of us in the frame

The day flew by because we were having fun.  I spent the night with some of my favorite people in the world dancing like fools and laughing and taking pictures.  And for the record, the fire alarm was the only thing that went wrong 🙂

Hope you have a great Monday and that all your April Fool’s jokes are successful and well-received! HAHA!

Creative Pay it Forward


I’m not the chain letter type, but this year I got sucked right in.  A friend of mine posted this on her facebook and I couldn’t resist:

“Creative Pay it Forward!  The first five people to respond to this post will receive something from me during 2013.  This gift can be anything: something crafty, a book, a homemade treat…whatever it is, it will be a surprise that  hits when the mood strikes!  There will be no warning, it will just be there.  The catch?  The first five responders must post this on their own page and do the same for five of their friends.  You up for it?  Let’s do this!”

So I posted that at 0551 one morning (I know right, why the HELL was I awake?)  By 0752 I had my five:  A girl I don’t TOO well, the wife of a far away Army friend, a former coworker, a friend from high school and…a BOY!  None of these people were necessarily the people I thought would reply and none of them has ever received something from me that was intended solely for them.  

My friend from high school went to college with me too, but we weren’t studying for the same career so we drifted a little.  She has since moved back to our hometown, started studying to be a nurse, and started working at the same hospital as me so we see each other every now and then.  BUT I only like to see her when she’s on her break and she comes to see what’s going on in my neck of the woods.  Otherwise, I see her when my patient needs a STAT EKG…and those shituations ain’t fun for any party involved.  Anyway, she’s almost done with nursing school and she’s going to work in cardiology.  If you’re reading this, congratulations girl!

Now, I have often claimed that I am “emotionally unavailable” and called people dumb when they get all sappy and cry.  In fact, I think I did that when I left Nashville after the bachelorette party.  HA!  But  D says that’s all a big fat lie, and he knows better than to believe that I’m not sensitive.  Truthfully,  I am sentimental, way more than I would dare let on.  So since I’m tapping into my thoughtful side, I was pretty inspired to start my first gift.

Nursing is highly rewarding and insanely stressful.  Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had done something differently at work.  I mess up the schedule.  I say the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong time.  I remember at 0300 that I had a 2300 medication to give. I disappoint someone that trusts me to deliver care.  I make mistakes every day, and it literally hurts my feelings.

But I do things right too.  I can be the reassurance you need when you have a “feeling” something is wrong with your patient.  I can stick by your side when you have to troubleshoot something unfamiliar. I have been the hand to hold when you’re scared of what lies ahead in your treatment course.  And I have been the person you shed a tear with if things don’t go the way we all had hoped.  Its up and down all the time and it’s easy to get discouraged.  But every now and then there are bright spots that should be celebrated:

a nomination from your peers for the hard work you thought went unnoticed, 

an “I love you” spoken by your patient when you’ve done something they thought it was impossible,

a promotion you worked hard for,

a visit from a former patient with a full head of hair, a smile, and a sincere “thank you” for your care,

a letter from a patient or their family that names you specifically for something you did right,

a certification you thought you would NEVER achieve,

a box of warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts delivered to you by your boss just because…

please don’t EVEN pretend you wouldn’t be pulled to that polka-dotted box like a moth to the flame

Most of those things are only fondly recalled memories but some of these things you can protect and revisit when the time is right.  When I feel the emotional weight of my job I go straight to this box full of cards, letters, photos, certifications and other mementos.  I can hold these things in my hands, know that they are real, and remind myself that even at my worst, I am NOT a crappy nurse.  It’s a nice thing to have when you need to remember WHY you chose this profession.  I can look at those tangible things and say, “this is why.”  I want my friend to have that too.  I want to remind her that she is valuable and capable even if she doesn’t feel it right at that moment.  I want her to  be able to take the lid off of that box of keepsakes and KNOW she is doing what she is meant to do. SO I went shopping, collected all these supplies, and went to work.


For the top of the lid:  I used my fancy edger cutter to make the strips of paper a little more fun and I also ripped the chevron paper by hand for added texture.  I used Tacky Glue to glue everything down.  I had some of those flower shaped paper punches so I used those and then placed self-adhering pearls in the center.  I took the paper doilies that I got from the baking section of Michael’s to make things look a little shabby chic.  I got the spigot knob from Hobby Lobby; it’s perfect!



For the inside of the lid:  I used all the same papers and materials from the top of the lid.  I also got the fabric flower from Hobby Lobby.  It was intended for hair…but I do what I want.  I also took the opportunity to write my friend a message.




For the outside of the box:  I used a stencil I purchased for another craft ages ago.  I stippled dark blue paint all over using that stencil.  I decided the sides of the lid were too plain, so I made polka dots.


And that’s it!  I gave it to my friend and she loved it.  Apparently she’s been showing it to her friends and they love it too.  If that’s not a win win then I don’t know what is.  Happy crafting my friends, and if you’re feeling squirrely maybe you should Pay it Forward too!