Gather your supplies:

Yarn (Jo Ann’s Fabric)

Self-adhesive rhinestones (dollar section of Michael’s)

Ribbon (Marshall’s)

Paint (Michael’s)

Flower Pin (Hobby Lobby-its meant to be a broach or a hair pin.  I do what I want.)

3D scrapbooking decals (Michael’s)

Scrapbook paper

Flower paper punch (dollar section of Michael’s)

I painted this whole frame white.  I thought I wanted to paint asymmetrical green stripes across the fatter part of the frame.  That did not work out, my paint kept peeling with the tape.  So i decided to try the yarn thing.  I poured paint into a paper plate and dipped my yarn heavily in the green paint.  I laid it carefully across the frame and quickly pulled it back up.  Make sure you don’t slide it across your frame, you won’t get the desired effect.  Promise.  Let that dry completely and then decorate.  I used my paper punch to make the flowers out of textured scrapbook paper and wrote my quote with a green fine tipped Sharpie marker.    The rest is pretty self-explanatory.  Simple, but a thoughtful gift for our friend, Katie.



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