1.  Collect all your sauce jars: salsa, spaghetti, alfredo..you name it, it will work as long as it has a metal lid

2.  Pick out your decorative knobs.  Try World Market, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Pier 1

3.  Use a nail and hammer and create a hole in the center of each metal lid.  Make sure you use a nail large enough to create a hole your new cute knob can actually fit in.

4.  Pick your favorite spray paint colors and go to town.

5.  Use a sealer to protect your handiwork.  I like Patricia Nimock’s.  This can be found at Michael’s.

6.  Attach your knob and gaze happily at your new creation.

7.  Think of a deserving friend and fill your jar with their favorite things and deliver!



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